Does Hawkeye Have an End Credits Scene?


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As with all things Marvel, we’ve been trained to sit through the credits. Not to pay tribute to the hard work that hundreds, possibly thousands of people put in over the course of months and maybe years of their lives. No, god forbid we should read the names of the behind the scenes folks who made Hawkeye’s (Jeremy Renner) trick arrows work! The very thought! But instead, to see if Feige Claus has left a little present under our tree, a treat for sitting through six hours of action and fun, like if your reward for eating all your dessert was more dessert.

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Which is all a long way of saying: does Hawkeye have an end credits scene? Do I have to sit through all of those names, or can I click forward on Disney+ and watch Black Widow for the thirteenth time, as recommended?

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The answer is: yes, Hawkeye has a post credits scene. And while it’s not a game-changer, it is still pretty delightful, all things considered.

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In the first episode of Hawkeye, Clint was attending a performance of Rogers: The Musical on Broadway. Based on the life of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Clint instead used it as an opportunity to get moody about the death of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) as the actor playing her did flips and sang across the stage. Not only that, he left midway through the number to go to the bathroom. Rude!

Anyway, Clint’s bad audience behavior aside, after the main credits of Hawkeye‘s final episode, titled “So This Is Christmas?”, we get a “Happy Holidays from Marvel Studios” message, followed by a lovely surprise: the almost full performance of “Save The City,” music by Marc Shaiman, lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. Unlike the first version, we get to see the full lead-up, minus Captain America’s intro verse, as citizens of New York sing about the Chitauri invasion from Marvel’s The Avengers, leading to the intro of the musical Avengers themselves. Not only that, but we finally get to hear the lyrics about Hawkeye (“Hawkeye seems cool, like a really nice guy”) that got drowned out with Clint’s moping in Episode 1.

In case you’re curious, or skipped actually reading the credits as we were jokingly suggesting up top (please, these people work very hard), the cast includes a bevy of talented performers: Aaron Nedrick as Iron Man, Avery Gillham as Hawkeye, Harris Turner as Hulk, Jason Scott Macdonald as Thor, Meghan Manning as Black Widow, Nico Dejesus as Ant-Man, Tom Feeney as Captain America, Jordan Chin as Loki, and in the ensemble, Adam Pascal, Ty Taylor, Gino Cosculluela, Bernard Bell, Brittany Nicholas, Gabrielle Mouchakkaa, Keith Nedd, Kimo Lowery Kepano, Kristen Yancy, Marissa Milele, Anthony Burrell, Ehizoje Azeke, Graham Michael Dobbs and Ricardo Zayas.

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And the lyrics themselves are worth looking through, too, because they’re a lot of fun, though do mention how bad New York smells a bunch of times. It’s not that bad, people! Come on.

That all said, you’re probably wondering if there’s another surprise waiting for you after the Rogers: The Musical performance. The answer is: no, there’s no second end credits scene in Hawkeye, or even any “Hawkeye will return” message, as Marvel is often prone to do. That said, I’m sure we’ll see one of the Hawkeyes at least before too long. Though maybe with a little less singing and dancing.

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