75 DIY Gifts for Friends (So Good You Want to Keep)

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If you’re looking for clever, unique, and creative gift ideas, take a look here! I’ve put together a list of 75+ amazing homemade gifts for adults! They are fabulous and I guarantee you’ll find something here that your special friend or family member will just love! These are all-occasion handmade gifts ideas for friends – perfect for Christmas or any time of the year! Keep reading to get inspired!

The Genius of Handmade Gifts

I’m not sure why this never really crossed my mind before. I have little ones (5-year-old twins), and making craft presents for the adults in our lives, from the kids, is something we do all. the. time. But it’s hard for me to believe that it took a Facebook post from someone else to clue me in to the genius of handmade Christmas gifts (or any occasion gifts) for adults – for family, friends, etc.

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Last year, a blogger I follow mentioned that she and her sister were exchanging DIY gifts for Christmas. Oh my gosh… I really can’t believe I never thought of doing that with my sisters. I mean, we may have done it randomly over the years, but it was never an organized ‘thing.’

Til this year.

So after I saw that post, I immediately went to Pinterest and starting pinning homemade gift ideas for adults. And I knew I wanted to do a post on this – for y’all, for sure – but for me! Because this was now going to become ‘a thing’ for me and my sisters.

Right now, it’s mid-August, and I’ve already text messaged my 3 sisters and asked if they’d be into doing it this year. It was a unanimous ‘yes,’ so game on!

75+ diy gifts collage: clay charms, stenciled tea towels, wreath, clay garden markers

Why Homemade Gifts for Adults are Such a Great Idea

If you’re here, I don’t think you need convincing – and I might be stating the obvious, but here’s why handmade gifts are so genius:

Budget-Friendly: Most of the time, it will cost less to make a gift than to buy it, especially if you use thrifted or upcycled materials. And yes, that’s perfectly acceptable to do.

Personal: Not only can you personalize the gift to your friend’s tastes and likes, it’s so much more personal for them to receive a gift that you put time and energy into.

Creative: I love how the gears in my mind start turning when I do any kind of DIY or craft. Did you know that crafting and working with your hands keeps your brain sharp, can help fight anxiety and depression, and is a natural mood booster? Yup, all that. Plus a gift for a friend.

Fun: It really, really is a lot of fun to do this. Yes, sometimes annoying if you hit a snag, but mostly fun!

Other Specific Categories of DIY Gifts

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To be honest, I haven’t totally been off the DIY gifts wagon, but only certain kinds. Mostly, I’ve focused on kid-made gifts:

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I put together 50 ideas for homemade gifts from the kids, which is my go-to any time it’s a special occasion for someone special in our lives.

I’ve listed kid-made gifts for dads as well as kid-made gifts for Grandma.

I even have homemade gift ideas for teachers.

So, if you have littles, you can get them in on the homemade gift fun.

I’ve also put together DIY gifts that you can make from mason jars – a for-sure homemade gift, but sort of in its own category. But if mason jar gifts are something you really love, you can also peruse it for crafty gift ideas as well. I put the mason jar gift ideas in that post.

You can also give homemade gift baskets in all kinds of unique themes! Those are super-fun to create! You can even make a handmade DIY basket!

But, honestly, it never really occurred to me until recently to put together a master list of DIY gifts from adults to other adults: the ultimate friends and family homemade gift list. But that’s what we have here today.

The Ultimate Master List of Handmade Gifts Ideas for Friends & Family

Typically, I’m not a huge fan of such a long round-up. When I see lists this long – anything over 50, really, I get overwhelmed and a little lost sometimes. If that’s you, I feel ya, sister! But there were so many good choices, I just didn’t want to leave any out.

I’ve tried to arrange them (loosely) by category… for example, I grouped all the picture frames together, the coasters, the food ideas, the self-care, and pampering ideas… hopefully, my system will make some sense for you. I suggest grabbing a paper and pen and jotting down the ones that interest you so you don’t lose your way.

I also recommend giving yourself enough time to make these gifts. Some are super-easy and suitable for last-minute Lucy. But some require a little more. It will suck all the fun out of the project if it becomes a stressful race to the finish. Try your best to plan ahead and give yourself time to enjoy the process (hence why I texted my sisters in August, lol).

I truly hope you find something you love! Many on this list are easy gifts to make at home; some require a little more skill (such as sewing). But most are doable for anyone. These are wonderful handmade Christmas gift ideas for adults – or really, for any occasion you want to make a DIY gift. Most, with just very few exceptions, are ‘Non-Christmas-Specific.’

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Ok, let’s get started!

75+ DIY Gifts for Friends, Family, and All the Special Adults in Your Life

Handmade Gifts and Craft Presents for The Win

I hope you found something (or many things) you loved! There are so many great ideas here! I know I’ll be coming to list this list many times as special occasions pop up. These are wonderful homemade gifts ideas for family, friends, teachers – many even make great neighbor gifts!

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If you’d like to see more DIY crafts and video is more your thing, take a look at the video below for even MORE handmade gift inspiration!

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If you create any of these handmade gift ideas, I’d love to see them! Please tag me on Instagram @100affections or leave a comment on Pinterest! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Other Non-DIY Gift Ideas

While I love homemade gifts because they are fun, personal and often cheap and budget-friendly, it’s not always practical for every situation. If you need other ideas for gifts you need or want to purchase, here are a few other guides I’ve put together:

Gift Ideas for Mobile Babies: 9-24 Months

Gift Ideas for Little Boys: 2-4 Years Old

Unique and Out-of-the-Box for the Really Special People in Your Life

Subscription Box Ideas for Kids

Essential Oil Gift Ideas for Your Crunchy Family and Friends

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Happy Gifting! 🙂

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Thoughts? I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below!

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