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Download Cambridge Grammar for IELTS – Tricks Magical is a grammar book. Cambridge punishes this book, so you can assure of the quality of the content of this book. Books suitable for beginners to book is a collection of all important English grammar topics in the IELTS exam. Candidates are studying IELTS can know the knowledge they need to learn.

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Download Cambridge Grammar for IELTS

You can also learning Cambrige Vocabulary for IELTS.

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I. Introduction Cambridge Grammar for IELTS

  • Book title: Cambridge grammar for IELTS with answer
  • Publisher: Cambridge
  • Author: Diana Hopkins & Pauline Cullen

Grammar for IELTS is suitable for all students at all levels who are preparing to prepare for their IELTS exam best. However, the book is written in English so if you are a beginner, you have to take root, you need to be patient to read – understand.

Content Of Cambridge grammar for IELTS book

Cambridge grammar for IELTS book

The Cambridge grammar for IELTS book is divided into 25 main grammar topics corresponding to 25 units. In it, each unit consists of 4 parts:

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A: Context listening: In this part, you will listen and do various exercises such as: Answer questions, complete sentences, …

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B: Grammar: In part 2, you will learn specific theories about grammar topics in this lesson. This section is written quite detailed by the author, you can simultaneously review old knowledge and learn new knowledge easily.

C: Grammar exercises: If you’ve finished theory and then do the exercises = D, apply the knowledge you just learned to the exercises: complete the sentences, fill in the blanks, choose True / False …

D: Test practice: Each unit has a test task that helps you practice different parts of the test.

Besides, there is an important integral part, that is the Answer. This section includes:

Answers for the exercises. You can compare answers at the end of each exercise, from here you can find out the errors and grammar problems you cinemaboxhd.orgle answers. You can use your own ideasTips for taking the test for each Test practice section

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Link download: Download Cam Grammar for IELTS

II. Effective self-study guide

Tricks Magical will give you some tips to learn English Grammar better when you download Cambridge grammar for IELTS.

Learn grammatical structures: When learning a new structure or usage, you should apply this knowledge to specific, practical situations to describe everyday events. This will help you have a deeper impression with the knowledge that has just penetrated.

Pay attention to grammar structures when practicing Reading: when reading any text in English: a story, an article, a status … pay attention to the grammar used in that text. Please. If you do not understand how that structure, you can google online or ask teachers and friends.

Learn the exception grammar rules: There are exceptions, so when you come across an exception of the structure you have learned, compare the rules and find the reason for the exception. Remember longer.

In addition, to get a high score in the IELTS test, just studying grammar is not enough, you can refer to: Cambridge for Vocabulary and Get Ready For beginers

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