America’s 50 favorite foods revealed with steak and chicken topping the list


Pass the protein! America’s 50 all-time favorite foods revealed – with steak and chicken topping the list

By Margot Peppers for MailOnline

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Bạn Đang Xem: America’s 50 favorite foods revealed with steak and chicken topping the list

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When it comes to Americans’ favorite foods, they really love their protein.

New research commissioned by Davidson’s Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs shows that steak is the country’s all-time favorite food.

Chicken, beef, bacon and corned beef also appear in the top ten, taking the second, fifth, seventh and eighth spots respectively.

Take a bite: New data collected from 1,300 American men and women shows that steak is the country

Take a bite: New data collected from 1,300 American men and women shows that steak is the country’s all-time favorite food, followed by chicken, pizza, waffles and beef

Researchers took a poll of 1,300 men and women across the country to reach their findings.

Revealing some of our unhealthier habits, pizza came in at number three, followed by waffles at number four.

The first fruit to appear on the list is pineapple, which is in eleventh place. America’s second favorite fruit are blueberries, which came is in 18th place, followed by bananas in 20th place.

And according to the survey, peanut butter is the country’s favorite spread, coming in 12th place on the list.

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When it comes to cheese, mozzarella is the top choice in sixth place on the list. Next up is cheddar, which comes in 37th place.

And some of the more surprising entries are halibut, in 42nd place, and rice pudding, which rounds out the list at number 50.

More than half of those surveyed say that caviar is their least loved food, followed by liver and Brussels sprouts. However 12per cent say they don’t hate any foods.

It also emerged three out of four Americans consider eggs as a food favorite, naming them as one of the items they can’t live without in the refrigerator, behind milk and cheese.

‘It’s no surprise to us that eggs are such a popular choice among Americans,’ said Greg West, President, Davidson’s Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs.

‘Since our company began in 2003, we’ve pasteurized nearly 2billion eggs. Our patented process eliminates the threat of Salmonella ensuring the safety of all preparations of our eggs. Pasteurization gives our consumers peace of mind.’


1. Steak

2. Chicken

3. Pizza

4. Waffles

5. Beef

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6. Mozzarella cheese

7. Bacon

8. Corned beef

9. Avocado

10. Pasta

11. Pineapple

12. Peanut Butter

13. Hamburgers

14. Sushi

15. Pancakes

16. Noodles

17. Chocolate

18. Blueberries

19. Salmon

20. Banana

21. Ice Cream

22. Ham

23. Oysters

24. Mashed potatoes

25. Soup

26. Asparagus

27. Sweet potato

28. Donuts

29. Turkey

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30. Candy

31. Grapes

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32. Popcorn

33. Cashew nuts

34. Eggs

35. Watermelon

36. Tuna

37. Cheddar cheese

38. Prawns

39. Strawberries

40. Artichokes

41. Asparagus

42. Halibut

43. Almonds

44. Mango

45. Meatballs

46. Apples

47. Lamb

48. Sweetcorn

49. Mushrooms

50. Rice pudding

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