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Essay on Education Should be Free: Education can be an effective weapon for the people, but nowadays, it is mostly governed by corruption. To improve the development of a country, all the citizens of that country should be educated. Still, in many circumstances, they are not able to achieve it due to financial differences.

If education is made free, then the country will start developing the country, which will lead the country in the right direction. Education should be accessible to everyone because an educated citizen acts as a more productive citizen. Nearly every country in the developed world provides free primary and secondary education to its citizens.

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Long Essay on Education Should be Free 500 Words in English

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Education becomes crucial for anyone to survive their academic, social, and political career. Education worldwide requires a lot of money, but it should not be monopolized so that the entire globe can move at the same pace, solving problems like world poverty or world starvation. Otherwise, the world’s future will inevitably go nowhere, unable to make its talent any harder. At least, with more knowledge, you stand a chance against the crowd and easily face significant obstacles in the world today.

In today’s society, education plays an even more critical role in developing our world. Nowadays, students pay money to study and learn to be part of the Institute. Unfortunately, not every student can do so, for most of them do not have strong financial support to both enter the schools they want and continue their future studies. When it comes to education, learning should be free from all charges for everyone.

First, free education encourages students to do better. When a student is relieved from the education charges, he thoroughly appreciates that he no longer has to think about it again. Therefore, he, too, tries to study better as a way of appreciating this opportunity. Second, students are not the only ones who develop here, even society too. By offering students the opportunity to continue their studies, society will gain a reliable, productive workforce to improve results. Generally, statistics show that the countries that support their students’ education are the most advanced ones in innovation and creativity.

Sometimes free education may lead to having the opposite results on students. With everything being easy, students would not find it difficult to give up their schools and studies because they didn’t earn it in the first place. Students usually value the worth of things based on their difficulty, and offering them this chance will only cause them to waste it. Free education can degrade the quality of teaching too. Most schools today tend to rely on students’ fees to improve the school’s facilities and material. However, without that, schools will not be able to move forward and stop progressing since it will only depend on the money it receives from the government.

In conclusion, education should stay equally available to everyone, regardless of their income. This is fair, but this will also make sure that countries can prosper and develop into future evolution with a well-educated workforce.

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A child should get an education to increase the fundamental knowledge that develops their social awareness, better decision-making skills, and increased work competency, thus making oneself a better citizen. Today, most of the jobs around the globe require candidates who are well-qualified in education.

Every society in the world has citizens of different economic sectors. Those from low economic backgrounds may not be able to support education for their children, so they send them for labour to support their lives. Today, governments worldwide have accepted that child labour is wrong, and it is the right of every child to get educated. To solve these issues, the government should deliberately offer free education to children, thus supporting children belonging to low-income families and preventing child labour.

10 Lines on Education Should be Free in English

  1. Guaranteed Education: Free education is crucial because it guarantees an equal education level for every student in the country. This means that every student will have an equal opportunity to reach an equal level of education.
  2. Safe Life: Education is a crucial key to live a safe life. For example, when a student is educated compared to a non-educated student, it is easier to succeed in the future.
  3. Better outlook on life: Education gives the students the ability to think positively and have a more positive attitude towards life and goals. Free education guarantees that the outlook of life for most of the students will be the same.
  4. Increased employment: Free education means that most students will have access to education and increase their employment opportunities.
  5. Creates equality: Free education means that any student from where they come will be able to use the same quality of education as every other student. It plays a vital role in building equality among the students in the school.
  6. Promotes fairness: Free education plays a vital role in promoting fairness in schools and societies. This is because all children are guaranteed access to the same quality of education.
  7. Density in the classroom: Free education somehow promotes an increased number of learners in the classroom. This is because students do not have to worry about their next school or tuition fees. Instead, they will stay more focused on their education.
  8. Student-loan loans: Students do not have to worry about their college fees by getting student loans in university to facilitate their education altogether. This ensures that students remain in a debt-free situation.
  9. Open Access to College: Free education plays a vital role as it opens access to a college education. All children will be guaranteed a degree of education until they go for higher studies.
  10. Students can pursue their interests: Free education allows the student with flexibility in their choices in pursuing their desired career.

FAQ’s on Education Should be Free Essay

Question 1. Why should education be free for all?

Answer: Free education guarantees that the overview of the life of all children will be the same. Candidates will experience increased employment: Free education means that most students will have access to education and increase their chances of getting employment.

Question 2. Why is education so important?

Answer: Education helps people become better citizens, get a better-paid job, and shows the difference between good and evil. Education also shows us the importance of hard work and, at the same time, helps us grow and develop internally as well as socially. Thus, we can create a better society to live in by understanding and respecting laws and regulations.

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