Have You Had a Spiritual Download? How to Tell and How to Get One


I have spoken with many of you who at first will say you aren’t that spiritually connected, or you don’t think you’re a healer, or you aren’t that intuitive or spiritually gifted. Then I often quickly discover through our conversation that actually you are one or more of those things! Many of us are having all kinds of spiritual experiences and just not claiming or owning them… or you might just not recognize when it’s happening.

Someone recently asked me how to tell when you’re getting a spiritual download, and since spiritual downloads are my main way of creating content as well as how I help in my deeper work with my clients, I started a thread in one of my Facebook groups to see what kind of conversation would spring up. I’m going to share with you here a few perspectives on how spiritual downloads happen and what they look and feel like.

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So what the heck is a spiritual download anyway? Well, it can be anything from a new song to an idea or concept to a piece of art or a whole project (like my forthcoming oracle deck)… to a few words that were exactly what your client needed to hear from you. They can come in a vision, a dream, a walk in nature or from your intuition, or just randomly. You can also set the stage to help spiritual downloads come through, which I’ll share about below.

What Can a Spiritual Download Do For Me?

  • Lightning Fast Access to Higher Information – wisdom you would not otherwise be able to access or even understand.
  • Very High Frequency Communication – You’re opening up a direct line to Source. What you say or express is filled with love and light. Your words will be exactly what people need to hear.
  • Powerful Decisions – Instead of waffling about what’s the right thing to do, you are already in action, creating and expressing from a higher place.
  • Heightened Intuition & Healing Abilities – When you’re in this state, you can “hear” and therefore heed your intuition much more easily, and your healing abilities increase.
  • Increased Creativity – Not only that, but what you create becomes medicine for people.

How Do You Know You’re Having A Download?

1. How does your body feel? Get to know your regular body sensations, and the sensations that seem to have a pattern. The more in touch you are with your body, the more you will recognize and benefit from its abundant messages to you. For example, I often feel my hands heat up when I receive a spiritual download. TIP: When you express what you’ve received, the person or people receiving your words or song or painting or whatever will FEEL it. Their response won’t be a typical “that’s nice”. It will be more like “WOW” or speechlessness.

2. How do you feel emotionally? Spiritual downloads can bring in a feeling of euphoria or joy or other high vibration emotions… and sometimes just before (or even during) the download, you get a sense of quiet, stillness, as though you feel nothing at all. I find the emotions hit me more AFTER the download has come through.

3. What’s happening in your mind? What are you thinking about? What were you thinking about a few minutes ago? Did you notice your thoughts disappear? Thinking is usually on pause during a download.

4. How do you feel spiritually or energetically? We all have different abilities in terms of what used to be called ESP or our “extrasensory perception”. You’ll see from the examples below that some of us hear messages, some of us smell or see visions, some of us just sort of “sense” or “know” something or have “feelings” that are hard to describe. That “WOW” I was talking about… YOU might be feeling that too.

5. What’s happening in the moment and what happens afterwards? Did you have a SUDDEN experience? Did you suddenly get an idea and then write like there’s no tomorrow? Or do you suddenly feel compelled to tell your friend a message while you’re talking with her? I do find often spiritual downloads come suddenly, or there is a sense of urgency associated with them. Because they are a very high frequency energy, they move quickly and prompt YOU to move/act quickly.

REAL LIVE EXAMPLES + How to Set the Stage for a Spiritual Download

Can you “make” a download come? Yes and no. Spiritual downloads only come through in moments of “allowing” and releasing control to the soul. [Click To Tweet] But you CAN set the stage… you can make it easier for them to come.

TIP: Create Sacred Space. To receive anything, you need a container. In this case, YOU are the vessel and the way you “record” what comes through is the container. ALWAYS have some way to record your experiences.

Getting yourself into a high frequency state of being gives you easier access to spiritual downloads. [Click To Tweet] You might meditate or just breathe deeply for a few minutes or do something you love or stare at a canvas, or for me, when I channel healing songs, I get myself into a state of stillness and I close my eyes and listen for the song to emerge.

Here’s what Gudrun Eichhorst has to say about her experience:

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“I feel light, alive, joyful and curious. And often surprised. That’s a good sign when I’m surprised by what happens and comes through. For me that is awakening one moment at a time and being a servant of a higher/deeper intelligence. In my business, in my relationship with myself and others. Letting go of control and trusting the process and Source. This is ultimately my purpose. It’s quite delicious.” – Gudrun Eichhorst, Founder of “Breakthrough After Breakup”

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You’ll notice that letting go, trusting and being in the moment, as Gudrun says, are key to allowing a download to come through. Also, the element of surprise is a big sign of a download. I recently had a spiritual download for a client and as I was telling her what I was receiving, I couldn’t even wrap my mind around the concept. It could not possibly have come from human me because I didn’t even understand it myself!

Monika Fraser explains her experience from an artistic point of view:

“When I was doing my ceramics, I would leave the fired or unfired piece in front of me and listen until it “spoke to me” and told me what colours, methods and often what its essence was before I could start painting and decorating it. Classmates got used to this and were fascinated because once I received this information, I completed the piece very quickly. I experienced this energy with my writing as well. A very insistent energy compelled me to get up at 3 am and within 30 minutes I had written 20 poems. I have been told by others that when I write a coloured energy can be seen by them around my hands and I find I at times cannot type fast enough to keep up with the flow.” – Monika Eagle Woman

Like I mentioned earlier, spiritual downloads usually come with speed and a sense of urgency. I love that Monika mentions how she was “compelled” to get up and then, voila! 20 poems!!

I find that when I listen and sense in between the spaces of daily life, I receive from Spirit easily, and so often, like Monika, I will feel compelled into writing, drawing or singing and recording whatever is coming through. Truly, if you miss those moments, you either miss the downloads completely or they can sort of dematerialize, like when the morning sun burns off the fog.

Speaking of fog, Nature can often be a catalyst. When I first started getting lots of downloads, it was in the form of healing songs, so I carried a notepad and some kind of recorder. My daughter got used to me stopping the stroller to sing and write in mid-walk.

I love what Tomar Levine says about how Nature calls her just before a download…

“I get downloads in different ways. Most often on walks – I live near a park and go there frequently, never without a notebook and pen. Sometimes I feel a hunger or that something is hovering right above me ready to come through and I almost run out the door. I sense myself opening up as soon as I’m outside and more under the trees.

If I have a question in my mind or am focused on a project I want ideas for – something I’m writing or a program… It’s a little like staring at a blank canvas and “inviting” the image to reveal itself, which I also did as an artist. I hold that blank canvas openness/ invitation space and often the words and ideas come pouring through. In fact, it’s hard to capture them fast enough. Sometimes I speak them out loud – as if I’m “pretending” I’m giving a talk. It’s always more eloquent, feels natural and I think I’ll remember, but if I don’t write it down I can’t reproduce it later because I need to be in a flow state. Sometimes this happens at home too, when I’m focused on a project. Starting to write will do it. But it’s that blank canvas/ inviting/ holding the question space – something rushes in to fill it. It feels like a partnership, but not with a person or being but with knowing. The question always invites an answer and I can be shocked by the completeness and brilliance at times. A lot of my new ideas come to me out of doors.

When I work with clients that will often happen too. I’ll suddenly “see” the big picture, the patterns, the highest potentials, the ways to make it happen, all coming together like puzzle pieces that have been looking for each other. I see it all at once and then have to unpack it in words. I get very excited and joyful when that happens.” – Tomar Levine, Life Purpose and Career Guide

Yes! Something rushes in when we hold that space open. The more we create ourselves as Sacred Space, the more Source/Spirit runs through us, giving us spiritual downloads with more ease and frequency. Before I started channelling medicine songs, I would never have thought that I could bring through a song on demand any time but that’s exactly how it works for me now… after lots of practice and allowing and holding myself as that Sacred Space of invitation. Also, as soon as a song comes through for a client, it’s like a waterfall of information comes through and at the same time, my hands heat up and go exactly where the healing energy is needed.

QUESTION: If you have spiritual downloads, I’d love to hear if you also have any catalysts that seem to bring on a download. For me, it’s medicine songs – they bring everything else. Please share below in the comments – I’m so curious!

Janice Masters shares her experience of that flow state Tomar mentions, and about how her downloads come through.

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“My downloads tend to happen in an auditory way… I hear them coming in. Then I either sit at the keyboard…or even better, use my voice recognition software and just speak. The feeling is of opening a channel and allowing the flow. The information tends to come through very fluidly and with a ton of clarity and encouragement. How and when they come, depends a lot on whether I am asking about a project of direction, or it is simply time…and very spontaneous. I have had to rush home from cycling to get something rushing through down, or stop the engine on our boat to transcribe. When it comes through, IT COMES THROUGH. Middle of the night, no problem, I get up and write.

At other times I can feel ‘pregnant’ with something wanting to emerge and so I will open my AudioAcrobat and speak and record what’s coming through. I also imagine myself giving a talk on a certain topic and BAM! There it is, fully formed.

Walking, swimming, biking…a lot of openness in the great outdoors for me! And also with my new practice of intuitive painting with my teacher…the surrender to what the brush, paint and canvas want is nothing short of stunning!

And we are just touching the proverbial tip of the iceberg here in my opinion.” – Janice Masters, The Shaman Mama

Janice and Tomar both mention asking the question. If we ask the question, the answer comes. When I ask for a song, it comes and brings energy and information with it.

You know what? This is how we are meant to operate as human beings. We ask and the Universe responds. [Click To Tweet]

Like Janice said, even with this big article, we really are just touching the tip of the iceberg here. Not only that, but we are moving into an era where spiritual downloads are just normal everyday occurrences for all human beings. Right now, it’s exciting because we’re on the leading edge of a new (old) kind of communication and this is part of it. It’s easier now than ever before for people to connect with Spirit, to receive messages and information and really live from our deepest true essence.

Are you seeing yourself here? Have you received a spiritual download and you just didn’t have the language for it? Do you have some of these feelings, sensations or experiences in those moments? Can you see how you could set the stage for them to happen? I’m so curious about YOUR experience.

Please post your comments and questions below and let’s create a conversation around this powerful topic. I always love hearing from you! 🙂

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman


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