IELTS cue card: Describe an art exhibition that you visited?


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Describe an art exhibition that you visited ?

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• When you saw this exhibition?• Where the exhibition was held?• What was on display?• and explain your impression of the exhibition ?


In this ielts cue card topic, you need to present your ideas on an art exhibition that you visited.

Now, What do you understand by the word ‘Art Exhibition‘ ?

An art exhibition is a place where several art forms are displayed. The skillful work of gifted artists is appreciated by visitors.

Answering all the points of the ielts cue card topic is essential.

How to answer the given ielts cue card topic:

Here, I have explained all the points of the topic.

  • When you saw this exhibition?

You need to mention, when you went to the exhibition. You can say any week, month and example – Previous month.

  • Where the exhibition was held?

Here, you should talk about the venue details of the exhibition.

  • What was on display?

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To answer this, describe the art forms which were represented in the exhibition.

For instance – Sculptures, handicrafts and paintings. Also, you should provide details about the different sections of art that you saw over there.

  • Explain your impression of the exhibition?

State your reaction about the exhibition. You should elaborate how you felt viewing different piece of art?Did you find exhibition well- organized ?

Sample answer for this IELTS cue card:

Art is a way to pour your heart out by expressing the emotions. I am fond of paintings and art sculptures so I often visit several art exhibitions.

Here, I would like to talk about Art Exhibition that I visited six month back.

While, I was heading for my workplace, I seen a hoarding of art exhibition at roadside from which I came to know venue and time details. Moreover, the exhibition was accommodated at city hall of Amritsar.

I talked about the exhibition with my office colleagues and we made a plan to visit over there.

Furthermore, as soon I entered in the exhibition hall, I saw numerous kinds of painting sections which included – landscape, historical, portrait, acrylic and oil paintings.

Apart from this, there was another section which included handicrafts and they all were very fascinating. In addition, there was a separate section where there were talented artists who were making the live portraits.

I immediately, went to that section and asked the charges of portrait- making. Moreover, I found the charges were reasonable so I requested the artist to make my portrait.

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I felt overwhelming after I took a look of mine portrait. Also, I had no words to appreciate the art as whatever I say would be less infront of such a brilliant work.

Exhibition was well- organized by beautifully displaying the art forms. On the other hand, work of all the artist was commendable. As per my opinion, the overall experience of the art exhibition was extraordinary.

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IELTS Speaking Part 3 (IELTS Follow up questions):

Follow up questions for this cue card:

Question1- How could art exhibitions attract more audience?

Answer- Presently, there are few individual those value art. Most the individual follow a hectic lifestyle. Moreover, to draw attention of people towards exhibition, modern technology should be used. Art exhibitions should be promoted on social websites.

Question 2- Are art exhibitions famous in your nation?

Answer- Yes, art exhibitions have a great value in my home country. Cultural and historical art forms are preferred the consists – paintings, sculptures, wall carvings and handicrafts.

Question 3- Do you think people should pay entry fee to visit art exhibitions?

Answer – According to my perspective, there should be no entry fee for residents to visit exhibitions. Art is an essential part of our culture, to gain knowledge about one’s culture fee should not be cinemaboxhd.orgver, maintenance of the museums and art galleries should be considered by authorities rather than depending upon the amount paid by public.

Question 4 – How will art exhibitions change in the upcoming years ?

Answer – Art exhibitions would focus on new creative ways to encourage people. As I talked about it earlier, modern technology will be used to attract visitors.

For instance: Digital exhibitions will be organized on the social media platforms along with the interactive sessions by the artists.

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