Describe a time when you received good news-cue card


LATEST CUE CARD- SPEAKING PART 2:Describe a time when you received good news-cue card

Describe a time when you received good news-cue card

  • What was the news?
  • When you got the news?
  • Why was the news important for you?
  • How you felt after knowing it?

In this latest cue card topic, you should talk about the time when you got good news.

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Explanation of all the points of the cue card topic:

What was the news?

Here, you should mention the good news which you got and elaborate it.

You can describe this topic with numerous ideas.

Ideas for this latest cue card topic:

  • You got a scholarship from reputed university and this was a great news.
  • The news of exam results made you delighted.
  • Received the result of a competitive exam and you got an excellent rank.
  • Got the news regarding the job placement in a renowned firm.

Choose any of the above given ideas and draft your version of cue card.

When you got the news?

  • Present the details of the time when you heard the news.

Why was the news important for you?

  • Talk about the importance of the news and explain how it was beneficial for you.

How you felt after knowing it?

  • To answer this point of the cue card topic, you should talk about your happiness after you received the news. State your reaction after the news.

Sample answer one of the latest cue card topic:

good news

Every Individual experience good as well as the bad times in their life. Moreover, everyone waits for something good to happen. However, pray for eliminating negativity from their lives.

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We often get excited after knowing a great news.

I would like to describe about the time when I received the good news.

In september,2019 I got this wonderful news that was related to my sister. Additionally, the news was about the scholarship program which she achieved from the renowned university of London. In addition, my entire family was extremely happy as it was an amazing news.

Furthermore, my sister wanted to pursue her post-graduation degree at abroad and had applied for MBA. As she acquired excellent scores in her senior secondary education, my elder brother suggested her to apply for a scholarship program. Moreover, she sent all her documents and required details to the university. She received an offer letter with in period of ten days which included detailed of the scholarship. After reading it thoroughly, we came to know that she got sixty percent financial assistance on her tuition fee. This meant that 40 percent of the fee payment was required. Also, she got the opportunity of part – time job with in the campus.

Additionally, the news was significant for me and my family. It was great to hear that my sister will go abroad to pursue MBA and the scholarship she got made us proud. It was a big achievement as an international student do not get this kind of opportunity easily. Also, she was awarded by the top university of England. It was necessary for her bright future.

In addition to this, I felt extremely happy and congratulated my sister. My parents were delighted and we all went to the holy place to thank God for such a huge opportunity. I was happy for my sister as she got her path and she knew what to do further.

Sample answer two of the latest cue card topic:

When an individual gets to hear the good news, it brings a huge smile on the face. Likewise, I become extremely happy when I hear something good.

I would like to describe about the time when I received the good news.

After my senior secondary education my result was awaited. Those days I was enjoying my leisure time with my family. On the other hand, I was tensed regarding my result. Moreover, I had finished my exams in April,2019. After that, the result declaration date was after the period of two months.

Finally, after the wait of two months, my result came. At that time, I was shocked as I got 98 percent along with that, I was district topper. My parents were happy and congratulated me. Also, they appreciated me and planned a celebration at home.

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This news was crucial for me as I had studied so hard for achieving good scores. Also, I wanted my hard work to be paid off. Moreover, for acquiring


This news was crucial for me as I had studied so hard for achieving good scores. Also, I wanted my hard work to be paid off. Moreover, for acquiring the admission in a reputed university, an outstanding percentage was mandatory. Furthermore, senior secondary education scores are considered and given lot of importance.

At that particular time, I was not able to express my happiness and I was out of words. After so many days, I had a good sleep and felt relieved. Also, I was awarded by my school principal and the board authorities. I was acknowledged by my teachers.

Follow up questions: (Describe a time when you received good news-cue card)

Does news play an important part in the lives of people?

  • Yes, of course, news act as a crucial role, it generates the awareness among people.
  • Moreover, news let an individual know not only about their nationality but they get the international headlines too.
  • Furthermore, people come to know important details and new regulations imposed by the authorities through the news bulletin. Also, residents come to know about the current happenings.
  • For example – If there are natural calamities such as earthquake, floods and cyclone. News spread the awareness in the people by which they can follow frequent prevention measures.

Do the news channels give the actual news?

  • As per my opinion, news channels present the facts and happenings. However, they provide the information by adding their points to make it more interesting.
  • Sometimes they twist the information and present Infront of the public. This is done to gain more viewers to their channel.
  • For instance – The news channels present the information about the movie stars lives, in such a way that people listen it.

Should news headlines be part of school curriculum?

  • According to my perspective, news headlines and newspaper reading should be considered in the schools and institutions. Additionally, this will increase the knowledge and enhance the communicational skills of the scholars.

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