Are We too Dependent on Technology?

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Technology is a positive thing. In fact, the constant advancement in technology means that the execution of duties is becoming easier. Notably, improvements in the use of technology in the medical field have enabled doctors to save more lives.

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Similarly, the automation of key processes at the workplace implies that the work environment is not only safer, but productivity is also higher. In fact, it is through technology that parents can stay in touch with their young ones studying abroad. Essentially, people are now globally connected as a result of using technology. As it is, every action that people have to carry out is dependent on technology.

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However, the use of technology is raising concerns. First, the use of technology has increased entertainment platforms among particular demographic groups, especially the youths who are constantly hooked on their gadgets for a long time.

Further, the over-reliance on technology is draining the healthy habits that people once used to have, leading to numerous health issues. It is under this premise that I concur that people have become overly dependent on technology.

First, the use of technology implies that people are doing less thinking daily. One study has shown that constant use of the brain hinders the development of diseases like Alzheimer and dementia in old age. In fact, proper brain development commences during early childhood when children engage in games like puzzles. Unfortunately, people in this generation work their brains less than they are required to do (Anderson and Rainie 2).

In fact, even for the simplest of calculations, people take out their calculators. Juggling one’s memory to remember a friend’s or relative’s number is a thing of the past. People no longer do all the thinking when there are phones with the ability to store contacts. As a result, people’s mental ability is diminished and reduced significantly, making them prone to dementia and memory loss as they grow older.

However, the problem is not the technology; the problem is how people use the technology. Essentially, technology is meant to aid processes, increase efficiency, as well as productivity, and make life easier. However, people exploit the use of technology by applying it even in the simplest of tasks (Anderson and Rainie 5).

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If technology would be applied as a tool other than a means of escaping reality, then its contribution to the society would be seen and appreciated. However, people who sit and play their video games all the day make technology appear like a bad influence, yet there are people who play these games for relaxation and do productive jobs.

Secondly, it is through the influence of technology that people have stopped having quality communication with each other. Technology has invaded every aspect of life, making it hard for people to have meaningful conversations.

Notably, technology seems so convenient that the word of mouth seems very unnecessary. For example, it is likely that two friends in the same room will message each other than directly speak to one another. In fact, most people have taken up the use of gadgets like iPhones and iPads, thereby spending a lot of their time on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

This means that even though people would initially meet and greet, it is no longer possible as they can communicate over the Internet, consequently limiting physical contact. Such an over-reliance on technology implies that most meaningful conversations between people are lost, leading to poor bonding in families (Saidam 4).

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Nevertheless, reliance on technology is essential in this digital age. The world has evolved to a digital platform, where anybody that has not joined the digital world is left behind on new developments.

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Essentially, technology makes communication among people easier and can impact many people at a go, without having to do bulk communication. Take, for example, a company doing job advertisements over the Internet. It is highly likely that the adverts will be spotted and gain more audiences than when placed in a newspaper.

The major reason for this phenomenon is that the world has evolved into a digital age, where people are slowly getting away from the traditional means of communication. Further, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter save people costs and inconveniences of having to travel many miles to communicate, while is it possible to do so online.

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The belief that technology is an essential application camouflages the various dangers associated with its use. It is believed that one way to stay afloat in the world today is keeping with trends of technological advancements and being part of the group. This way, one is kept updated and aware of what is happening in the world.

Therefore, there is the need to join social sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. One downside of operating these sites is that they require one’s personal information before activating an account. Further, one has to link up with their friends, give personal details like their date of birth and their location, among others. While adults may exercise dissemination of such information with caution, youths may not.

Thus, it is easier for anyone to get vital information about individuals, stalk them, and manipulate the information for their benefit. Besides, sharing such information should be a private business and not public, as everyone can gain access to you from wherever they are located. Notably, privacy is an important element of life that is highly violated using technology.

The general population health is deteriorating with the advent of technology and the technological age. First, technology is applied for many purposes, even for the simplest of tasks. Among the tasks are simple mathematical calculations that are manually feasible.

However, people choose to use their gadgets even when not necessary because they do not want to go out of their comfort zones. Not very long ago, children used to enjoy outdoor games. They would around playing with other children in their community, and in the process boost their stamina and immunity. Such interactions exposed the children to social life and various challenges like solving conflicts.

As a result, these children were smart in life and grew up better persons. This is not the case nowadays; the trend is that young children are exposed to games like PlayStation, gamepads, and joysticks, rather than communal games. In effect, the children grow up with low self-esteem and communication problem as they are not used to being around people (Anderson and Rainie 2).

Further, their thinking is limited to themselves, meaning that they grow up with selfish characteristics, with the inability to make friends and poor behavioral characteristics.

Despite the negative impact of technology today, its contribution to making life easier, convenient, as well as ease of use implies that the role of technology is crucial. One useful technological gadget is the cell phone. It is estimated that about 82% of the total United States’ population has a cell phone (Campbell 3).

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Such ownership implies that there is ease of access to information and convenience in communication. Notably, pressing just a single button on the cell phone would generate a lot of useful information to the user. For instance, the use of smartphones means that people can improve their linguistic abilities and ease of messaging, which are now a big part of how people communicate.

On the other hand, all these developments in the world of technology imply that human beings are losing their culture and reality with the world. Nowadays, it seems like people would not be able to communicate and exist with all the available gadgets, as their use has been extended from official to private. For instance, the use of computers at the office makes work easier.

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However, should all the data on official documents be lost in these computers, the companies cannot operate. Secondly, people are so used to communicating through the Internet and over the phones that should these gadgets not exist anymore, they would have difficulty communicating or maintaining touch with each other (Saidam 5).

As it is, individuals have made it seem like life would end should these gadgets be absent. On the contrary, people in previous generations would communicate and maintain constant touch with each other before the gadgets were developed.

While people would use their thoughts, get into discussions, and convene to solve pertinent issues, nowadays people surf answers to every need. The dependency on computers has made people highly vulnerable to the loss of identity (Saidam 5).

Culturally, people lose track of who they are and what is acceptable for them. Essentially, there is a lot of cultural dilution that occurs with the use of technology, like the Internet. Ideally, people start to adopt what they see online and practice it in their daily lives (Anderson and Rainie 5).

For instance, some people tend to envy the Western ways of doing things more than their traditional outlook of life. In the end, individuals act and behave the same with the proliferation of values.

Despite the convenience created by technology, people have become too dependent on technology. Everyday life activities are managed through technological gadgets and applications. People now rely on alarms to wake up. There is the use of phones to check the time and constant communication throughout the day.

Once people get to the office, they log into emails, respond to them, and later log onto social networking sites, where they spend the better part of the day. Ideally, individuals check up on our friends and families through instant messaging on Facebook.

Once they know they are fine, they hardly create time to visit them. In fact, the type of communication between families and friends is diluted to fit the social circles. Back at home, children hardly go out to play because they are constantly engrossed in their play stations.

The consequence is that the children have poor social skills, perform poorly in school, and have limited problem-solving skills. People hardly put their brains to the task because they mainly rely on technology to carry out simple arithmetic functions. Individuals are growing old suffering from memory problems, all because they exploit the application of technology and become over-reliant on technology.

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