Latest IELTS Speaking 2022 Cue Card Topics


Latest Makkar IELTS Speaking Part – 2 Cue Cards January-April 2022 With Sample Answers & Part – 3 Follow up Questions

Speaking is the most challenging module to crack in the IELTS examination. But don’t worry, in this post, we’ll try to simplify the whole preparation and give you ideas about what you can speak in your test. The part-2 of IELTS is fully focused on your ability to answer a topic specific Cue Card. So, We’ve compiled a list of Latest Makkar IELTS Speaking January to April 2022 cue cards free pdf download that could be asked in the the months of January, February, March & April 2022.

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Also, prepare the Speaking Part-3 follow ups as well to stay confident during the test !

Latest IELTS Speaking Cue Cards January to April 2022 pdf download

  1. Describe a foreign person who you have heard/known that you think is interesting [Cue Card]
  2. Describe a toy you liked in your childhood [Cue Card]
  3. Describe a piece of local news that people are interested in [Cue Card]
  4. Describe an argument that two of your friends had [Cue Card]
  5. Describe a time you visited a new place [Cue Card]
  6. Describe a thing you did to learn another language [Cue Card]
  7. Describe someone you really like to spend time with [Cue Card]
  8. Describe a gift you would like to buy for your friend [Cue Card]
  9. Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member [Cue Card]
  10. Describe a businessman you admire [Cue Card]
  11. Describe a law on Environmental Protection [Cue Card]
  12. Describe a city/town where you would like to live in the future [Cue card]
  13. Describe a course that impressed you a lot [Cue Card]
  14. Describe a resolution you made in the new year [Cue Card]
  15. Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about [Cue Card]
  16. Describe your experience when you changed your school/college [Cue Card]
  17. Describe a famous person that you’re interested in [Cue Card]
  18. Describe something that was broken in your home and then repaired [Cue Card]
  19. Describe an ambition that you have not achieved [Cue Card]
  20. Describe a time when you organised a happy event successfully [Cue Card]
  21. Describe something you received for free [Cue Card]
  22. Describe a special cake you received from others [Cue Card]
  23. Describe an interesting song [Cue Card]
  24. Describe an interesting conversation you had with your friend [Cue Card]
  25. Describe a place in a village that you visited [Cue Card]
  26. Describe a long walk you ever had [Cue Card]
  27. Describe an item of clothing that someone gave you [Cue Card]
  28. Describe a city that you think is very interesting [Cue Card]
  29. Describe a rule that you don’t like [Cue Card]
  30. Describe a house or an apartment you would like to live [Cue Card]
  31. Describe a person who contributes to the society [Cue Card]
  32. Describe a thing you cannot live without [Cue Card]
  33. Describe a person you follow on social media [Cue Card]
  34. Describe a skill that you learned from older people [Cue Card]
  35. Describe a good service you received [Cue Card]
  36. Describe a place you visited on vacation [Cue Card]
  37. Describe a bicycle/motorcycle/car trip you would like to go on [Cue Card]
  38. Describe a habit your friend has and you want to develop [Cue Card]
  39. Describe a difficult decision that you once made [Cue Card]
  40. Describe a creative person whose work you admire [Cue Card]
  41. Describe a famous athlete you know [Cue Card]
  42. Describe a time when you’re waiting for something special that’d happen
  43. Describe a time you bought something from a street or outdoor market [Cue Card]
  44. Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like [Cue Card]
  45. Describe a cafe/café you like to visit [Cue Card]
  46. Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading [Cue Card]
  47. Describe a person who solved a problem in a smart way [Cue Card]
  48. Describe a time you got up early [Cue Card]
  49. Describe an activity that you do after school/work [Cue Card]
  50. Describe an art/craft activity [painting, woodwork etc.] that you had at school [Cue Card]
  51. Describe an article on health you read in a magazine or on the internet [Cue Card]
  52. Describe a natural talent you want to improve [Cue Card]
  53. Describe a difficult thing you did [Cue Card]
  54. Describe a time you moved to a new home/school [Cue Card]
  55. Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn [Cue Card]
  56. Describe an activity that you usually do that wastes your time [Cue Card]
  57. Describe an item on which you spent more than expected [Cue Card]
  58. Describe a person who impressed you the most when you were in primary school [Cue Card]
  59. Describe a person who helps others in his or her spare time [Cue Card]
  60. Describe a time when you shared something with others [Cue Card]
  61. Describe a time when you changed your opinion [Cue Card]

Latest IELTS Speaking Cue Cards Sep to Dec 2021 pdf download

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Please note that these Cue cards are still very much important if we consider the past examination trends. So make sure to prepare them as well.

  1. Describe a time you got lost in a place you didn’t know about [Cue Card]
  2. Describe something important that has been kept in your family for a long time [Cue Card]
  3. Describe your favourite weather [Cue Card]
  4. Describe a leisure activity near/on the sea that you want to try [Cue Card]
  5. Describe a time when you tried to do something but weren’t very successful [Cue Card]
  6. Describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home [Cue Card]
  7. Describe someone older than you, whom you admire [Cue Card]
  8. Describe your favourite movie [Cue Card]
  9. Describe your first day at school [Cue Card]
  10. Describe a time when you helped a friend [Cue Card]
  11. Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in [Cue Card]
  12. Describe a company where you live that employs a lot of people [Cue Card]
  13. Describe a time you saw something interesting on social media [Cue Card]
  14. Describe an occasion when many people were smiling [Cue Card]
  15. Describe a tall building in your city/hometown you like or dislike [Cue Card]
  16. Describe an occasion when you were not allowed to use your mobile phone [Cue Card]
  17. Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study [Cue Card]
  18. Describe a live sports match that you have watched [Cue Card]
  19. Describe a street market in your city [Cue Card]
  20. Describe a puzzle [jigsaw/crossword/etc.] you have played [Cue Card]

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