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Looking for examples of IELTS Speaking Test cue card topic questions with example answers?

What are cue cards for IELTS speaking with answers pdf?

There are a few reasons people might use cue cards while preparing for IELTS speaking.

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Some people find that cue cards help them stay focused and organized during their practice sessions.

Others find that cue cards help them remember the points they want to make during their speaking test.

There is no “right” way to use cue cards while preparing for IELTS speaking. Some people prefer to write out all their thoughts and points on the cue cards, while others prefer to list keywords or phrases.

It’s up to you how much information you want on your cue cards – the main thing is that they help you stay focused and prepared during your practice session.

Is there a cue card topics with answers pdf list I can download?

There are a variety of cue card topics with answers pdf lists available online. However, be aware that not all PDF lists are created equal.

Some lists may contain outdated or inaccurate information, while others may be incomplete or include topics that are not relevant to your needs.

When choosing a cue card topics with answers pdf list, consider the following factors:

The source of the list (is it reputable?) The relevance of the topics included (are they relevant to your needs?) The comprehensiveness of the list (does it include all the topics you need?) The accuracy of the information included (is it up-to-date and accurate?)

How can I use IELTS speaking cards pdf?

There are a few ways you can use IELTS Speaking Cards PDF.

You can print out the cards and use them as flashcards to help you study for the speaking test. You can also use them as prompts during your practice tests. Finally, you can keep the cards handy and research better vocabulary for some of the bullet points on the cards.

How can IELTS speaking cue cards pdf help me?

There’s no definitive answer to this question. How cue cards can help you prepare for IELTS speaking varies depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

In general, using cue cards can be helpful in a few ways:

They can help you organize your thoughts and practice talking about specific topics, especially helpful if you find it difficult to keep track of what you want to say or if you tend to ramble when speaking. They can help you become more familiar with the language and vocabulary used in the IELTS exam since some specific words and phrases frequently appear in the test.

Are IELTS cue card topics with answers pdf updated regularly?

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Yes. IELTS Cue Card topics with answers are updated regularly. You can find the latest list of IELTS cue card topics with answers pdf on this website.

We also have a range of other preparation materials available, such as sample test papers, grammar and vocabulary exercises, and tips for improving your writing and speaking skills. We highly recommend that you take advantage of these resources to help you prepare for your IELTS exam. Good luck!

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IELTS Frequently Asked Questions

How often do IELTS speaking questions change?

IELTS speaking questions change every 4 months (3 X every year).

50% of the question bank changes every 3 months.

New questions (or old recycled ones) appear in January – April, May-August, and September-December.

Are old questions repeated in the exam? Do IELTS speaking questions repeat?

Yes. The new bank of questions include some old questions, but they do not appear exactly as in previous tests.

They are similar but slightly different.

They are easy to identify if you practice with a lot of previous questions.

Even old questions from Cambridge IELTS practice books from more than 10 years ago sometimes appear again in current IELTS speaking exams.

Can I change the IELTS speaking topic?

No, you can not ask the examiner to change the topic.

The examiner has several topics to choose from during the exams that day – but YOU can not choose.

Can I ask the examiner to stop recording?

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No, all IELTS speaking interviews are recorded.

What are the speaking topics for IELTS 2022?

Part 1 topics:

  • Questions about yourself
  • Home, where you live
  • Family, relationships
  • Work, job, responsibilities, career
  • Studies, what you study, why
  • Interests, hobbies, pastimes, likes/dislikes
  • and a range of other familiar topics like food, clothes, habits

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Part 2 topics:

These are all general topics that require no expert knowledge. Questions are not political, religious, or cultural oriented.


  • social trends (changes in society)
  • social media
  • travel, habits
  • important events in your life
  • general current affairs (pollution, climate change, government spending), education, jobs/careers
  • and many more

Part 3 topics:

The questions are loosely related to the topic from Part 2. The objective is to discuss related topics in more depth.

  • Discuss a problem or situation
  • Give an opinion and explain why you think that
  • Suggest possible solutions to a problem
  • Suggest outcomes/results of hypothetical scenarios, e.g., would it be better if the government spent more money on public transport? Why / Why not?

What is the best way to prepare for IELTS speaking?

The “best” way you can practice is by improving your confidence in speaking English on a wide variety of topics.

Memorizing model answers is NOT the best way to improve your score.

Examiners will penalize you for trying to repeat a memorized answer.

There are so many possible topics – it is impossible to memorize a full 2-minute answer for each topic.

So this is not a good strategy.

What is the best tip for IELTS speaking?

The best tip for anyone preparing for IELTS Speaking is to learn “communicative competence” in English and fluency in talking about many different topics.

It is more helpful to learn how to use words or phrases to introduce, connect ideas, and conclude your answers.

You can use this type of language to answer any IELTS question regardless of the topic.

So it is a smart strategy and will boost your confidence in dealing with all types of questions.

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