Top IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card Topics Of 2020


No matter how good a person is in speaking the IELTS Speaking test can be quite nerve-wracking. Naturally maintaining all the criteria – Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy and Pronunciation- can be quite a challenge. There are so many things to remember and most importantly to present.

Here are some upcoming Cue Card Topics for 2020 with sample answers.

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1. Activity:

Qs. Describe a challenging thing you did.

Response: I am quite curious by nature and it has often resulted in me being either punished or rewarded depending on the situation. One of the most challenging things I have ever done is take up swimming during one of my summer vacations.

It was customary for our family to visit other relatives during the summers, so we reached our ancestral village called Gumla, via train, then car and further a bullock cart. The air was dry yet fresh and it was as picturesque as the paintings in my room.

My cousins immediately took me to the nearby river and soon I was screaming like a maniac for help as they had dunked me in. That was the most challenging thing I had ever done. I struggled to stay on the surface as panic gripped me. My cousins dived in to help. With their help I was able to slowly float. It was difficult, as I had not swum before. Over the next few days I slowly learned new techniques, but it was quite demanding. My fear of water was always constant. I did try to overcome some of my hesitation and learn as much as I could.

In the end when I left, I barely learned any swimming but I was open to the idea of continuing those lessons in the city.

More samples-

  • A leisure activity you have done with your family.

  • Describe a trip with your friends which you enjoyed a lot.

  • Describe a practical skill(driving, swimming…) you learned recently.

  • Talk about an appointment that was put ahead of schedule.

2. Event:

Qs. Describe a performance you enjoyed watching.

Response: I recently had the opportunity of attending the concerts of one of India’s favourite singers.

His name is Arijit Singh. He was a prodigy discovered on a talent show, and given the opportunity to become a background singer for movies, which is a very big thing in India.

The first time I saw his performance was during an evening of winning over the control of the TV remote from my sister. I was flipping the channels when I came across his soulful voice and it was mesmerizing. I was captivated by his immense control over the difficult notes. I was no musician but even I could tell that his voice put a face to those lyrics.

Besides that, his story of struggle really added to the emotional essence of the song. He performance wassoul-touching and full of his earnestness and dedication to his craft as well as discipline. It reminded me of my cousin who had a similar singing talent.

To be honest seeing such a young person with such talent made me believe that anything is possible if we want to achieve it.

More samples-

3. Environment:

Qs. Describe a change that can improve your local area.

Response – For the past few months, the residents of my area,including me have been having trouble walking on the path outside our homes.

Due to the heavy showers we had experienced recently, parts of the road had broken down leaving gaping holes in in its stead. The path acts as a short cut to several main roads at different corners of the locality, so it is quite frequently used. Despite repeated pleas to the local municipal corporation the road has not been repaired.

If the roads are repaired with good construction material and trees are planted on either side then this will lead to better traffic regulation and prevent mudslides. For instance, more trees would also lead to fresh air for the residents and encourage more people to keep the environment clean. Our local area would definitely become improved.

I would say that bringing about infrastructure changes and imposing certain rules could really be beneficial.

  • Describe a time of seeing interesting animals/birds.

  • Describe a beautiful sky you enjoyed seeing/watching.

  • Talk about a kind of weather that you like.

  • Describe a plant grown in your country that you think is important.

4. People:

QS. Talk about a person who taught you something.

Response Most people would like to talk about their teacher by I would say that I was taught something very valuable by my grandmother.

Her name was Kathleen and she was tiny yet a fiery, outspoken and opinionated woman. She had led a life of struggle and was determined that her children and grandchildren would never have to face the same. My fondest memory of her teaching was the winter nights of Christmas holidays. Both of us webundle up under the blankets, begin our customary reading of the great English Classics.

I remember her reading Dickens” A Christmas Carol” to me once. That day she taught me that selfishness may get you somewhere but you are nothing without kindness. She taught me that being generous even when you could not afford it, was the sign of true courage. I was quite young to fully comprehend the magnitude of these teachings.

But, when I lost my wallet in the dead of the night on a trip last year and only somehow managed to survive on another’s kindness I realized how true it was. It turned out that the people who helped me reach home, were a family of four whom I had saved the year before on a similar night by giving all my money so that they could fill their hungry stomachs. They had now opened a roadside restaurant.

To this day, I remember what my grandmother taught me and I value it immensely.

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Xem Thêm : Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend

More samples-

  • Describe a person who is good at his/her work.

  • Talk about a singer or music band you know.

  • Describe a person who is often in the news, and who you would like to meet.

  • Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve a goal recently.

5. Situation:

QS. Describe a time when you were excited.

Response – One time I was quite excited about an opportunity to publish my poetry on a reputed journal. I hadhad my eye on this for a long time but was unable to muster the courage to actually send it.

The journal was called “Literary Genius” and ranked number one on the top 10 best journals for upcoming writers and poets. I had pondered over many previous writers who wrote as if their soul depended on it and I decided to take it up.

My poem was based on the modern problems faced by the modern woman and covered themes of violence and struggle. I was covered in cold sweat when I pushed the send button but I was also filled with an infectious enthusiasm that also affected my friends.

Needless to say I won the best poetry of the month award and my excitement grew twofold -one from the award and other from receiving an offer for free publishing in the coming months.

I was feverishly anticipatingthis moment but I have to say that was the most excited I had ever been.

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Xem Thêm : Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend

More samples-

  • Describe an occasion when you could not use your mobile phone.

  • Describe a time you were a member of a team on sport/work.

  • Describe a time that something good happened to you.

  • Describe a challenge you faced recently.

Remember to use good pronunciation and practice repeatedly with good grammar and vocabulary. The words marked in bold are highlighted expressions and phrases you can use to improve your overall score. Speaking requires regular practice and must be done keeping the timing in mind.

For more how-to’s like these, and plenty of opportunities to put them into practice, you can

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