Vocabulary for First Certificate

Vocabulary for First Certificate
Reading Rockets
Cambridge fce vocabulary list

Places to Live

Parts of the House

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Furniture and Fittings

Types of Housing

Renting a flat or a house

The Environment 1

The Environment 2

The Environment 3

The Environment 4

The Environment 5

Appearance 1

Appearance 2

Appearance 3

Appearance 4

Family and Relationships 1

Family and Relationships 2

Family and Relationships 3

Countries, Nationalities 1

Countries, Nationalities 2

Countries, Nationalities 3

Clothes 1

Clothes 2

Clothes 3

Clothes 4

Clothes 5

Opposites (Verbs) 1

Opposites (Verbs) 2

Opposites (Verbs) 3

Opposites (Adjectives) 1

Opposites (Adjectives) 2

Opposites (Adjectives) 3

Opposites (Nouns) 1

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Opposites (Nouns) 2

Opposites (Nouns) 3

Sport (Do, Play, Go)

Sport (Expressions)

Sport (Disciplines)

Sport (Sports Equipment)

Sport (Competing)

Travel 1

Travel 2

Vehicles and Transport 1

Vehicles and Transport 2

Transport Vocabulary 1

Transport Vocabulary 2

Sounds 3

Sounds 1

Sounds 2

Food and Cooking

Describing Taste

Types of Food

Fruits and Vegetables 1

Fruits and Vegetables 2

Verbs related to cooking

Computers and the Internet

Verbs related to computers

Computer Programmes

Science and Technology

Branches of science

Inventions and Discoveries

Science, Scientist, Adjective

Shopping 1 (Types of Shops)

Shopping 2 (Shopping List)

Shopping 3 (Doing the Shopping)

Shopping 4 (Words Related to Shopping)

Crime and Punishment 1

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Crime and Punishment 2

Crime and Punishment 3

Crime and Punishment 4

Tools and DIY

Tools and Equipment


Types of Films

Activities and Interests

Types of Books


Entertainment 1

Entertainment 2

Entertainment 3

In the Office

Synonyms (Verbs) 1

Synonyms (Verbs) 2

Similar Meanings (Verbs)

Synonyms (Adjectives) 1

Synonyms (Adjectives) 2

Synonyms (Nouns) 1

Synonyms (Nouns) 2

Similar Meanings (Nouns)

Outside the House

Education 1

Education 2

Education 3

Education 4

Education 5

Education 6

Ways of Writing

Learning Languages

Musical Instruments

Jobs and Professions 1

Jobs and Professions 2

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