Your Offer

Your Offer
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Cambridge after application

Being made an offer

Offers of admission are only made once the application has been approved by all three of the following:

  • the department (including at least two academic members of staff)
  • the relevant Degree Committee
  • the Postgraduate Admissions Office (on behalf of the General Boards Education Committee)

If a recommendation for your admission to a course or research place has been approved by the Postgraduate Admissions Office (PAO), you will receive a formal offer of admission by email. You will also be able to view and print a certificate of the offer of admission, and view your offer conditions via your Self-Service account. These are the only documents that constitute an offer of admission. No other correspondence (eg from a College, department, supervisor or faculty) constitutes a formal offer of admission to the University.

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If you have made more than one application you may receive more than one conditional offer.


If you have received a formal offer of admission this is usually conditional and depends upon you meeting several conditions.

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It is your responsibility to meet the conditions that are set out in your Self-Service account. The PAO Guidance and Terms of Admission documents provides further information about the terms and conditions of your offer. It is very important that you read them in full as they form part of your conditional offer, and contain important information about your offer and how to meet the conditions.

Processing documents to meet offer conditions

The documentation needed to meet your offer conditions needs to be uploaded via the Self-Service Account. You should ensure your documents meet the criteria outlined in section 3.5 of the offer conditions booklet, and in the self-service portal. You should upload your original, final transcript to the Self-Service portal. Certified copies of transcripts must be sent electronically only if your previous institution has, or can use, a recognised secure electronic transcript system (eg Digitary or HEAR/GradIntel). You will need to contact your institution to enquire whether they offer this facility. These systems work by generating a web address for your electronic transcript on a trusted website, or a secure access token, which either you or your institution can notify us of, by sending a message via the system to

We cannot accept transcripts that are attached to emails sent directly to us.

Please note that it takes time to review all documents received, both via the Self-Service portal and electronically, but it generally takes no more than two weeks after the document has been sent for them to be reviewed. Unfortunately, due to the volume of documents received by the Postgraduate Admissions Office each day, we are unable to confirm receipt of documents until they have been fully processed.

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Once they are fully processed you will see that your offer conditions have been met on your Self-Service portal.

College Membership

It will be a condition of your offer that you accept membership from one of the Colleges of the University. All those receiving conditional offers from the University will in due course receive such membership. You do not need to arrange this yourself, and you should not contact any of the Colleges directly to arrange your own membership. For more information on College membership visit the Colleges section of the website.

Funding decisions

If you are made an offer you may also be considered for funding. Please check the Application and Funding Deadlines page for further information on when you can expect to hear if you have been awarded funding. Decisions on funding are not made in the Postgraduate Admissions Office, and you may need to check with the sponsor directly. Not all funding competitions will notify unsuccessful applicants, so if you do not hear by July you should assume you haven’t been successful in securing funding.

Term dates and calendars

Please check the Term dates and calendars page for information on the academic year.

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