Useful advanced German vocabulary to sound like a native

Video C1 vocabulary list

You’ve mastered basic German vocabulary and now you want to move on to more advanced German words to sound more like a native. There’s no shortcut to that, but our vocabulary lists for various topics will help you study advanced German vocabulary to reach C1 level and above!

Advanced German vocabulary lists of C1 level and above

If you want to reach C1 level of proficiency in German, you’ll need an active vocabulary of at least 5,000 words. Don’t worry, our advanced German vocabulary lists are not that long. We’ve compiled useful words around various topics to help you sound like a native and convince others in conversation that you know what you’re talking about.

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These word lists of advanced German vocabulary are based on lists from the Oxford, Cambridge, and Royal Society of Arts (OCR) as well as most frequently used words in the German language as published by the Projekt Wortschatz at the University of Leipzig.

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German from Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Key vocabulary differences

General advanced vocabulary


The most common spoken words in German

Around the home – German vocabulary

These words are related to things and activities in the home, as well as people, friends and family and facilities and getting around close to home.


Health, body, sports, food and drink vocabulary in German


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10 super literal German words

Entertainment and leisure in German

11 phrases in German that’ll make you fall in love with the language

Life, travel, seeing the world

Work and education

Are you looking for more work-related words? We’ll teach you German vocabulary you need to know to understand work contracts in Germany!

Are these German words too advanced for you or do you prefer shorter vocabulary lists? We’ve got you covered: here are the top 100 German words you need to know!

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