Touching Happy Birthday Letters for Best of Friends

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Our friends are very important parts of our lives, they make or mar us. They are mirrors to our thoughts, give us reason to continue.

Many of us are always too busy to appreciate who they are to us and what they have done.

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Everyone wants to be acknowledged and although they say nothing, it gladdens their hearts when you tell them how much you value them. One of the best time is on their birthday by sending lovely messages. That is why this touching happy birthday letters for best of friends is so relevant.

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  • Heart-warming Birthday Letters for a Friend
  • Happy Birthday Epistle for My Best Friend

Heart-warming Birthday Letters for a Friend

Below are 100 touching birthday letter for a friend so special in 2022 and beyond. Share your thoughts and true feelings for your friends especially on their birthday but every day should be a new means to appreciate them.

1. My Beloved Friend, Your friendship is as refreshing as water to a thirsty soul. It quenches my hurts and renews hope in me. I am grateful I met you and enjoy all our times together. My warmest wishes are with you on this day and always. Happy birthday. With lots of love. From yours sincerely.

2. To an Amazing Friend, Words fail me to truly convey how much your presence is valued, your wisdom irreplaceable and your love as wide as the ocean. May our friendship be timeless. Happy birthday to a beloved friend. From your best friend.

3. My Dear Friend, Your friendship has taught me that some of the most important things in life are not to be gained by money but insight from special people. Thanks for teaching me and being a true friend. Happy birthday to an amazing friend. From your number one fan.

4. To a Caring Friend, Your personality is one in a million. You are caring, compassionate and understanding. All these traits make you the great person you are and I am blessed to have you as a friend. Happy birthday, champ. From the one who’s got your back.

5. To My Dear Friend, You give the best definition of friendship. You are loyal, patient, meek and a whole lot of awesomeness. You are special and never forget that especially on this day. Happy birthday, dear. From your very good friend.

6. To a Wonderful Friend, Your understanding of people and things is amazing. You are always seeking the good in others which is a rare but wonderful trait. May life bring you fond memories and may the happy moments outweigh the sad ones. Happy birthday and keep being wonderful. Yours Fondly.

7. Dear Wonderful Bestie, I thank God every day for bringing you my way. You have been simply awesome. Nothing in the word is as amazing to me as our friendship which has blossomed from year to year. As you start a new year, may life give you reasons to always smile and never cry. Happy birthday. Yours truly.

8. To a True Friend, No makes me smile and brings delight to my heart as much as you do. Being with you makes me soar higher. Thanks for being my wings and believing even when all seemed lost. May you find help before you request it. Happy birthday. Yours truly.

9. Dear Amazing Personality, Tears of joy feel my heart whenever I see you and it gladdens my heart to see you grow daily in beauty, wisdom and strength. Have a wonderful day as you celebrate. May life always give you reasons to celebrate. Happy birthday. Yours Fondly.

10. To a True Friend, Your words are soothing like balm to a wound, your smile is refreshing like water to a thirsty soul and your devotion is incomprehensible. Words are not enough to tell you how wonderful you are. Happy birthday. Keep shining. Best wishes.

11. Your friendship is like a magic tonic that rejuvenates the mind and soul, making me better than ever before. Keep glowing my personal magician. Happy birthday, dear. Wish you all the best.

12. Fight a little longer because it’s all worth it in the end, and when you have no one to hold you, hold on and I’ll find you. Happy birthday, dear. From a dear friend.

13. You have created a haven of goodness for me and made me a better person. You are a nice and amazing person. Happy birthday. From yours truly.

14. You are a strong person in mind, body and spirit. Your strength and endurance spill to others. You radiate positivity. Happy birthday. With best wishes.

15. Thanks for sticking through. Your reassurance gave me the strength to continue and now I am better off for it. You deserve to be showered with love and celebrated. I celebrate you on this day. Fondly.

16. Even if we live a lifetime, you would always be my best friend. No one understands me and has been able to stick through like you. You are priceless. Stay awesome. Faithfully Yours.

17. You always lend a shoulder to cry on, a shoulder to lean on and the words to move on. Thanks, ks for being my number one supporter. Grow in wisdom as you grow older. Happy birthday. With best wishes.

18. Keep being awesome, bold and the champion of the weak. You are simply amazing. You are an anchor and a steady friend. Keep shining. Happy birthday. Yours truly.

19. I love the fact that no matter how tough things get, once we get together and discuss them, they always seem easier. Thanks for being my lens to see a better world. Happy birthday. Love you always. Sincerely Yours.

20. A thousand clones of you still won’t be enough. You are amazing and you make the world a better place. You always remain strong and true to our friendship. Happy birthday. Your friend.

21. Having you in my life makes the pains insignificant because you always give me reasons to smile. Happy birthday. Your number one fan.

22. Our bond is treasured fiercely and unbreakable. The sacrifices you’ve made for me, always leave me tears, tears of joy to have someone as self-giving as you. Keep glowing. Fondly.

23. I can’t claim you are perfect but with your imperfections, you are simply the best. Being with you makes me happy an do feel elevated. You deserve nothing short of the world. Happy birthday, dear. Your awesome friend.

24. The galaxy is incomplete with the planets, stars, sun and moon, so also my galaxy is not complete without you. You are special and irreplaceable. Keep glowing and conquering the world. Happy birthday, dear. Sincerely Yours.

25. I’m really blessed to have you in my life. Your words give me strength and every time they encourage me to always do better and even better. I can’t thank you enough for always defending me. You are unique and I’m glad to be walking this journey with you. I really appreciate all you’ve done me. My champion. Happy birthday, with best wishes.

26. You have made living a wonderful and exciting ride and I hope it never ends. You are the best person to capture moments to be treasured. Happy birthday. Let this day be an embodiment of wonderful memories. Fondly.

27. Every part of a palm tree is valuable, which is the same with you. Your strength makes this better, your weakness show humanity, your laugh is refreshing, your smile mind-blowing and above all you are wonderful. Happy birthday, darling. Your beloved friend.

28. Your advice always leaves me speechless, your intuition Is mind blowing. Thanks for being my rock in times or miseries and pains. You are awesome. Happy birthday. Keep winning a dear friend. With best wishes.

29. I am fortunate to have someone of your disposition in my life. I can’t appreciate you enough for everything. Have a splendid day and keep smiling. Happy birthday. Take care.

30. I am so lucky to have someone like you in my life. You give meaning and hope is your person. Keep inspiring and shining. Happy birthday. Take care.

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31. Your honesty even when I am being ridiculous is second to none. Your honesty pushes me to be better and write my wrongs. Happy birthday, darling. Take care.

32. Thanks for encouraging me and letting me be true to myself even when my opinion and value seem incomprehensible. You’ve enabled me to believe in myself. You are amazing. Keep growing in wisdom and love. Happy birthday. Yours truly.

33. Silence with you is a conversation about its self and this is rare. It is only found among people who love and understand each other as much as we do. May our friendship remain timeless. Happy birthday, dear. With best wishes.

34. Being apart from you is like being apart from a vital part of myself. You inspire me to be better and do better. On this day may help arise for your from now on until the end of the world. Happy birthday. Your friend.

35. From you, I have learnt the true meaning of selflessness, patience and forgiveness. These traits have formed the hallmark of our friendship. I am blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday.

36. Spread your wings and fly and don’t let critics get to you. You are strong and I am proud of you and who you’ve become. Happy birthday, darling. A forever friend.

37. My conscience in person. Always advising. Have a hassle-free life. Enjoy every moment, no matter how tough cause you own the world. I love you dearly. Happy birthday. Your friend.

38. You are down to earth, loyal, faithful and dependable. You are irreplaceable and priceless. Keep glowing. Happy birthday. Yours truly.

39. You’ve helped shape me into who I am today. Your endless talks and patience motivated me to make better choices. I am all I am today because of you. Thanks for being there. Happy birthday, darling. With best wishes.

40. You’ve brought out the best in me. Made me sincere, genuine and a person of integrity. I owe you a lot. Gifts and words would never be enough truly appreciate you. You are an amazing friend. Happy birthday. With best wishes.

41. You made me discover the fun in living. I really laugh at myself whenever I remember how I was before you made a change in my life. You are awesome. Never forget that. Happy birthday. Fondly.

42. You are a star in the galaxy of my life. Keep shining and making the world beautiful with your presence and smile. Happy birthday, dear. Fondly.

43. Sharing moments with you is bliss. You make every moment wonderful with you enthusiasm towards life. Never lose your joy about life. It’s refreshing and what makes you who you are. Happy birthday, dear. Yours truly.

44. You are a friend indeed. Your name is edged on my heart forever. Keep sparkling. Happy birthday. With best wishes.

45. You are a source of inspiration to a lot of people. Your lifestyle is challenging it makes me want to achieve the best. Our friendship is a fairytale with a happy ending. Happy birthday. Sincerely Yours.

46. Thanks for believing in me even when all evidence pointed to failure. You are a true friend and a champion. Happy birthday. Keep being brave and conquering the world. See you soon.

47. You are the mirror through which I see myself, my flashlight in the dark moments and my anchor during the turbulent storm. Happy birthday precious one. See you soon.

48. You are my favourite and only octopus in person with tentacles of loyalty, commitment, endurance, bravery, beauty, intelligence, strength and wisdom. Happy birthday. Thanks for never leaving even when I deserved it. Your favourite friend.

49. You are a friend for a lifetime. Words fail me to truly appreciate you for everything. You are impossible to forget and hard to leave. Happy birthday. Wishing you all the best.

50. I appreciate your honesty even in times when I didn’t welcome it. Thanks for always saying what I needed to hear and not just what I wanted to hear. Thanks for not indulging my weaknesses and vices but making me stronger. Happy birthday my pillar. Your favourite friend.

Happy Birthday Epistle for My Best Friend

To crown a lovely day like your friend’s birthday is made easy with availability of these heart touching happy birthday epistle for my best friend all you have to do is to make your pick and send it to you best friend as he or she is plus one years old today.

51. I will be the Anna to your Elsa, the fairy to your every tale, your mischief partner, best friend, number one fan and favourite supporter. Happy birthday, dear. Your best friend.

52. Your friendship changed my whole world. Gave a new meaning to life, a new song and new lyrics to my music, the main actor in the drama of my personal trainer. Happy birthday, dear and keep soaring. Fondly.

53. Just within so short a time, we have become inseparable. Who knew friendship could be this fast and true, with you I now know. Keep being the best cause no one else is like you. Happy birthday. With best wishes.

54. Being with you or in your presence is the best antidote to stress. You bring back good and relaxing memories and enable channel energy in the right direction. Happy birthday, my personal clown. You are simply the best. Sincerely Yours.

55. You shine brighter than light in the dark, glow better than the rays of the sun, hope from you travels faster than light. You are special and the dictionary doesn’t yet have the appropriate b-word to describe you. Happy birthday. Fondly.

56. The first time we met, I was like, who is this weird girl? But your weirdness us what makes you unique and I won’t change that for anything in the world. I love you with your insane ideas and crazy attitudes. Happy birthday, dear. Yours faithfully.

57. You are a marvellous person with your never-ending philosophies and words of wisdom. Your steady presence even when times are hard and hope seems lost. Thanks for sticking through. You are one in a million. Happy birthday. Yours faithfully.

58. Having you as a friend is the best gift ever. You are wonderful. You are various shades of kindness and integrity. Happy birthday, dear. Never change cause I love you just the way you are. Fondly.

59. You’ve brought truckloads of good moments to my life. Thanks for believing in me and being my friend despite my bad habits and weaknesses. Happy birthday. Fondly.

60. Most people can’t cope with most of my weird habits and how I process things, only someone special and that’s you. Happy birthday. Wish you all the best.

61. Thanks for being a great part of my life from infancy till now. You make friendship believable and worthwhile. Happy birthday buddy. Yours truly.

62. Thanks for being my pillar to lean on, a rock to stand on and wings to fly with. You are wonderful and irreplaceable. Happy birthday, dear. Your number one fan.

63. You are a terrific friend, amazing in every little way, in a speech that enlightens, advice that she’d brighter light on issues and love that stay strong despite everything. Happy birthday. See you soon.

64. I don’t say it on often but you, you are one of the most important people in my life. Your insight to issues leaves me speechless and the way you solve problems make everything seem so easy. Thanks for being unique and being my friend. Happy birthday. Fondly.

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65. You are a gem, a real asset and nothing can replace you In my heart and life. You are a true treasure that I value above all else. Happy birthday. Keep conquering. Yours truly.

66. I am the luckiest person to have a special soul such as you as my best friend. You inspire and motivate me with your words and actions. Thanks for everything. Happy birthday. Yours sincerely.

67. You are the petals in my petals in my flower, the jewel in my ornaments, the lyrics in my songs and a truly hard to find but necessary. Happy birthday, dear. Keep conquering. Wish you the very best.

68. Meeting you was a moment of reflection for me, you made reflect what to become good and also reflect on my weaknesses and look for how to overcome my bad habits. You are a good person and you brought out the good in me. Happy birthday. Fondly.

69. Your thought process is awesome. You have a beautiful way of seeing things. You see the good even in the most horrible of situations. You are a beautiful person inside out. Happy birthday, dear. Sincerely Yours.

70. You have the most awesome reaction to things. You treat people based on you as a person and not based on their actions. This is rare and very admirable. Happy birthday. Shine bright. Sincerely Yours.

71. You have taught me one of the most important principles of life that are everyone is to be treated with respect because we never know where the future leads and where we could meet. Happy birthday my special adviser. Fondly.

72. Far apart or side by side, you are always in my heart and close to my thoughts. I will never forget you. You are awesome. Happy birthday, darling. See you soon.

73. Thanks for leaving footprints of loyalty, love and commitment in my heart. You are an amazing friend and incomparable. Happy birthday. Your forever friend.

74. You’ve made my life colourful with your exuberance for life, enthusiasm towards learning and ability to find fun in seemingly impossible situations. Happy birthday. Truly Yours.

75. We’ve done many crazy things together and through them all, I have learnt to have fun and those were the memorable moments that I would cherish till the day I die. Happy birthday, champ. See you soon.

76. You challenge me to be the best, to be a pacesetter instead of a dumb follower. I am a better person today because you are my friend. You are simply the best. Happy birthday. Yours truly.

77. You share my pains and touch my wounds with tender hands. Stay with me during my griefs and let me be true to myself. Happy birthday. Hope for the very best for you.

78. We have weathered many storms together and they were worth it because I had a reliable friend. You are sweet and a fountain of love and encouragement. Happy birthday Take care.

79. You are beyond amazing. The words from your mouth always add spice to those you come across. You are an angel and deserve bliss. Happy birthday. Your friend.

80. It goes without saying that I have a friend who is worth more than a billion friends because she is a billion times special, unique and awesome. Happy birthday, dear. Keep sparkling. Take care.

81. I look back over all the years and where I have been, I look at the photographs and you were right there, made everything bright. To a wonderful and awesome friend. Happy birthday. See you soon.

82. You were there all along through the valleys I fell, mountains I climbed and my journey through life. Cried, laughed and smiled with me. You were always there. Happy birthday dear and may you always find help before you ask. See you soon.

83. I remember the moments we sat beside the fire, staring into the flames and reminiscences of those moments bring endless smiles to my face and joy to the heart. You are a wonderful person and amazing friend. Happy birthday, dear. Truly Yours.

84. You hear the cries that stay in my heart and hold me during those times with whispers of its well and things would get better. You were there at my weakest moments and helped me be strong. You are a pillar of love, hope and an embodiment of wisdom. Keep conquering. With best wishes.

85. You make friendship easy and wonderful with your personality and character. You deserve the world and I wish you get it on this day as it marks a new beginning for you. Happy birthday. Take care.

86. It’s easy to find people who love us for our possessions but rare to find those who love us with our strengths and faults. Your perfections and imperfections make you a unique and amazing person. Happy birthday and keep soaring. Take care.

87. You are unforgettable. You have been a true and amazing friend. You are irreplaceable, incomparable and very important to me. I wish you the very best in all your endeavours. Happy birthday, dear. Sincerely Yours.

88. You choose me first and I still can’t believe how far and wonderful our friendship has been. You have the ability to see the best in others and that is priceless. Happy birthday, darling. With best wishes.

89. Like the river never runs dry, may your life never run dry of love, peace, kindness, blessing and success. Happy birthday, dear. Take care.

90. If I could catch a star for each moment you have been amazing, the sky would run out of stars cause you are the ultimate star. Keep shining and reflection wonders. Happy birthday.

91. We have been friends for five years and for each second, each minute, each hour of those years, you have been an amazing friend and deserve the very best in life. I wish you the best and may life give you reasons to always smile. Happy birthday, dear. Take care.

92. As you celebrate today, may good times, happy experiences, wonderful moments and awesome friends be yours. Happy birthday. Be the best and radiate love every moment. Sincerely Yours.

93. No one nowhere compares to you. You are special and hold a special place in my heart. As you celebrate today, may your life never run dry of love, peace and joy. Happy birthday, dear. Send you soon.

94. Never be afraid, you are smarter and more awesome than you think. Rock the world dearly and continue being amazing. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday. See you soon.

95. I woke today and remembered it was your birthday. I couldn’t stop smile when I remember all the moments we spent together and the times we talked, laughed and we’re there for each other. I will always be your friend in this world and even in the afterlife. Happy birthday. With best wishes.

96. Everything about you is so overwhelming. You are a pleasure to be with. Your smile is enchanting, your words soothing and your personality is exquisite. Happy birthday, dear. Spread your wings and fly. The sky is your starting point. See you soon.

97. It’s another exciting and special day to my friend. This day, I wish you a happy birthday. Remember you’re loved. I would not forget all our moments together easily. I really appreciate our friendship. Have a blast pal. Take care.

98. Today is a special day for you my dear friend and I pray it remains special in every way. You smile and brighten the world. Stay strong. You are the best. Happy birthday. Yours truly.

99. To a friend who knows me better than anyone else, who has been with me through the thick and thin phases of light…I say with much happiness in my heart, Happy birthday to you… Live long and have fun today. Sincerely Yours.

100. You are one of the few people who are really special to me, you’ve made my life beautiful and colourful. I cherish our moments together… Have a special day and you should really rock it, amigo! Happy birthday. Fondly.

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