The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS


Your IELTS journey couldn’t have a better guide

Cambridge University Press, in collaboration with Cambridge English Language Assessment – the writers of the IELTS test – bring you the ultimate IELTS study guide. Packed with the solid advice you need to achieve your desired IELTS band score, it’s practical and easy to use, and focusses on the language and skills you need to perform with confidence. The guide includes eight complete practice tests with answers, so you can familiarise yourself with the test format and practice your exam technique. Video and audio content is included on a DVD-ROM and can also be downloaded from the accompanying App.


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The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS App

Download our free app containing all the course video and audio as well as free samples and an introduction in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish:

> Download app from iTunes

> Download app from Google Play

Want to focus on a particular skill?

Watch more: Cambridge/IELTS: What is the Difference and Which One to Choose

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The downloadable Reading Skills Guide can be purchased from the app, and includes The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS Reading chapter plus THREE practice Reading tests.


Speaking Test Preparation with video

Prepare for the Speaking Test using footage of a real IELTS examiner and real IELTS candidates. Take a look at the video samples below and try out our sample exercises.

> Speaking test video 2> Speaking test video 2 – sample worksheet

> Speaking test video 4> Speaking test video 4 – sample worksheet

> Speaking test video 8

Watch more: Lộ trình học IELTS cho người bắt đầu từ 0 lên 7.0 IELTS

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> Speaking test video 10> Speaking test video 10 – sample worksheet

Still want to know more? Click here to explore further.


Teaching IELTS?

>Find out more and Request an eSample.

>Download a full guide to the Student’s Book with DVD-ROM.

>Visit the Teaching IELTS page for classroom tips and ideas.

Learn More: The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS for Academic & General Training Reviews & Download Link (Ebook Audio CD)

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IELTS Online Exam & Sample Questions
IELTS Online Plus, considering your test centre offers this, you will take the Listening, Reading and Writing

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