Cue Card: Talk about a beautiful city

  • What is it

  • Why would you like to visit

  • When would you like to visit

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The place which I think is very beautiful and would like to visit is (…say a place name you know is naturally beautiful…). It is a place that gives the impression of natural beauty, serenity and divinity as it a vast green area beside the hills and a beautiful river has passed beside it. The flowers and fields are like scenery painted by a professional painter. The butterfly, the birds, the bushes, the long trees and tea garden makes it a place worth visiting.

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I have heard the impeccable beauty of this place from my friends and everyone who went there has recommended it as a must-visit place. I have also read a few articles about the tourist attraction and natural beauty of this place. The writers describe it as an adventurous pace as hill tracking, swimming in the river, visiting the lightened caves at night are all adventurous activities that tourists mainly like to do there.

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I have a plan to visit this place in the near future when I would have a vacation of more than 7 days. The local foods of this place especially the fried fishes and shrimps are famous and that’s why I want to stay there for a few days. Most possibly I will visit this place next December.

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This is a worth visiting place because it is one of the greatest naturally stunning and beautiful places. There are lots of activities to do, lots of things to see and several famous menus to test. Since lots of people visit this place and highly recommend it to others, I am sure this is a place that worth a visit.

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  • Chandigarh is the name of my city and it is known as the city beautiful. It is the capital of two states also.
  • This beautiful city is one of the most planned cities in my country. It has been the place of attraction to the people since its establishment.
  • The lake about which I am going to speak is known as Sukhna Lake. It attracts millions of visitors annually.
  • Many fun activities are arranged for the young people and children there. The toddlers can enjoy rides in toy train and the adults try a hand in bungee jumps.
  • I always enjoy watching people participating in various activities.
  • Another attraction is boating on the clean and calm water of the lake. It’s children who shriek with happiness after getting the experience of pedalling and rowing their own boats.
  • This place remains filled with merry-making people on weekends and when the weather is pleasant. I go there in the evenings, for a stroll, with my cousins.
  • The lush green and properly mowed lawns are a feast to eyes. The greenery around the lake provides a soothing effect to the tired and stressed out minds.
  • This place is certainly the most popular place amongst the people of my city and definitely mines too.

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Follow Ups

  • Why do people go to the historical city?

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People go to historical cities to learn/gain knowledge about the past, the way of life of the people in the past, their culture, their roots, and the architecture.

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  • Why do people go to the modern city?

People visit modern cities for various purposes; some go for work/business reasons, and some for tourism. Those who travel for pleasure to modern cities is to experience a life, where modern technology is incorporated in every aspect of life and to learn and see how people there are using technology in their daily lives. Singapore is a very good example of such a city, where we can not only experience the modern way of life but also see how they have used modernization to help preserve and enrich the environment.

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  • What are the problems caused by maintaining historical city?

The problems that maintenance of a historical city perhaps can cause are related to the funds required for the restoration and upkeep of the city. Another issue could be the pressure on the resources of that city because of tourism.

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