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Advantages of attending school from a young age

Studies have shown that the most critical period of a child’s life is their first five years. Children are talented and can learn from a very tender age, so it is perfect to expose them to a nurturing and educational setting throughout those years. By providing an atmosphere that is safe, filled with fun and motivating, you can guarantee that your child gets off to a perfect start.

While adults typically think of play-time as a form of entertainment, it can teach your child a great deal about themselves and the world around them. Believe it or not, playing peek-a-boo is beneficial for your child. The earlier a child cultivates these skills, the more remarkable the long term benefits will be.


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Confidence, problem-solving skills, coordination, self-esteem and social skills are among the few examples of the benefits that can be gained via schooling. At school, self-esteem can be improved by responding warmly to your child’s actions. Whether they coo, burble, belch, cry or smile, giving a child a positive reaction and stimulating enthusiasm will have incredible benefits. Also, physical coordination can be developed by changing your child’s position and allowing them the opportunity to move about. Inspire movement and mobility at a tender age by placing toys and playing items a short distance away from your child. Giving your child different toys with different shapes, textures and colors will encourage interaction and help them develop physical coordination. There a lots of toys on the market precisely designed to stimulate creative thought and action. Luckily most schools are already equipped with the accessories needed by kids at a young age.

Other Benefits of Sending Your Child To school at an early age

  1. It will help your child develop dynamic skills such as taking turns, attending to others, assisting one another, etc. Cooperating with other children of the same age can teach your child to communicate better.
  2. Also, going to school young can offer your child with all the essential literacy skills. Children will acquire basic knowledge of the alphabet, mathematical skills and other necessary skills in general.
  3. In addition, it will prepare your kid for higher levels given that the kid will know what to expect in a classroom setting.
  4. Since school provides children with space where they can learn appropriate classroom behavior at a young age, it can help your child to develop a sense of independence. Your child will not have to waste time trying to get familiar with other children, the classroom setting and the lessons he is supposed to learn.

The disadvantage of Sending Your Child To school at an early age

  1. If not thoroughly monitored in school, the child can also take on immoral habits such as fighting or bullying.
  2. The preschool curriculum needs to be carefully drafted so that your child learns all the required skills, else it will be a waste of time and money.
  3. Schools must have experienced teachers who are aware of the unique situation of each child to better manage them. Unfortunately, too many children may be difficult to handle.

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As your child begins to grow, consider giving your child minor household chores. A child as young as two can start to learn the sense of responsibility. Use the word “special” frequently and give them age-appropriate tasks such as handing out napkins at the dinner table. Be sure to encourage your child through the positive reinforcement of their actions.

The following are other general tips to enhance the developmental stages of your child:

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  • Always go to the library with your child to pick out a book, and then read it together.
  • Always encourage your child to explore arts and crafts to develop their creative skills.
  • The internet is a great educational instrument for children. There are several educational sites out there! e.g., etc
  • Remember to buy educational toys for your kids.
  • Allow your child the opportunity to interact with other kids regularly.

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