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When asked about a loved one in the universe, I do not need to look for celebrities or other big names that impact society. Speaking of me, my favorite person in the world is my mother. We all have people we consider to be inspiring and very influential to look at, and to me, mom is a great role model for these characters. She is a beautiful person in my life because of her patient endurance that I love so much, and she is kind and supportive.

I admire most about my mom’s strength, which seems to withstand all the difficult moments. The mother is a single mother, and she has been able to raise three children on her own, providing us with good health and education while still balancing work. For example, when my brother and I dropped out of high school, only one of us hoped to join college because of our financial situation, but she worked two jobs to ensure we enrolled in college. Single mothers worldwide face economic instability where they are forced to participate in other income-generating strategies to care for their families. I have a lot of respect for my mother because of her determination, perseverance, and standing for what she believes in no matter what trials come her way.

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My mother looks fantastic, but she is attractive, admirable, and kind after that. At first, a person may conclude that he is a harsh and cold person because of his peaceful nature, but he becomes more friendly, warm-hearted, gentle, and generous after getting to know him. My mother has been a volunteer community member on church weekends and holidays and helping with homeless shelters. Kindness is essential and healthy because it makes a person proud to care for others as they need to be cared for, and it gives people a good feeling. Thanks to my mother, I have grown up to be a very kind and caring person because I believe it is up to me to help those in need whenever I can.

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I am fortunate to have a mother who always supports me despite my doubts. No matter what job I have or the decision I make, my mom is still there to give me advice and encouragement, but she’s always by my side at the end of the day. I had a hard time getting used to my first year of high school, and I almost gave up, but my mother listened to my complaints, and with her help, I was able to finish high school. Supportive behavior is essential for the individual’s well-being, especially when it comes to emotional support, where one can relieve stress from the challenge. My supporting mother character has given me the strength to endure many of life’s challenges and learn more about how energy can help you.

Special people like mothers are there to make our lives better and shape us into a better version of ourselves. My mother is a strong person with a good spirit, heart, unbreakable strength, and great support. Over the years, I have learned much about his personality and thoughts, which have shaped me into the caring, respectable, and intelligent man I am today. The people around us are becoming excellent examples.

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I love you a lot, mom, for being there for me in every moment, during any situation. Whether I was wrong or I was right, you are the one who stands with me, you always correct me when I am wrong, and you always appreciate me whenever I am right. Thanks for everything, and thanks for coming into my life making me proud whenever I saw you support me.

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