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IELTS Listening Questions and Answers – Actual Exam in some regions on 6 November 2021


Note: The green words are the answers in the actual exam in some regions (06/11/2021).

PART 1 Questions 1 – 10

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Questions 1 – 10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Anniversary Party Preparation

1. How long has this anniversary been held: 10 years

2. People joined: 180

3. Date: on 13 June

4. Place: conference room

5. Provided type of table: mixed table

6. There are two kinds of food, for vegetarians: Spaghetti; for non-vegetarians: chicken

7&8. What equipment need to borrow: microphone and laptop

9. What is not needed: music

10. Accommodation: twin room

PART 2 Questions 11 – 20

Questions 11 – 16

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

11. Why did people choose the mornings?

A. not crowded

B. more staff

C. more job opportunities available

12. Recently what new measures does the career centre provide

A. special appointment for disabled people

B. longer appointment if necessary

C. less waiting duration before

13. What kind of additional services is free of charge?

A. photocopy

B. use the computer for internet access

C. borrow some DVDs

14. Participating in the program of the “drop-in” can help you

A. writing CV

B. choosing a career

C. filling the application form

15. What do most people think about the job center?

A. advanced career development

B. higher earnings

C. learn more professional skill

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16. What is funded by the government now?

A. IT training course

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B. business courses

C. courses on communication skills

Questions 17 – 20

Which of the following features is suitable for the statements below?

Choose FOUR answers from the list, A-I, and write it next to Questions 17-20 on your answer sheet.

List of features

A employer’s details

B job info description

C communicating skills

D job qualifications

E salaries

F legal consultant

G training skill

H occupation

I booklet

List of statements

17. Profiles: A

18. Self-access: E

19. Occupational file: B

20. career training: G

PART 3 Questions 21 – 30

Questions 21 – 25

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

21. How did they feel before they go the activities?

A. lack of motivation

B. enthusiastic

C. confused

22. After attending, what discovery they are most surprised about?

A. xxx

B. careful about the record

C. photo is important

23. What did the women find?

A. fabric

B. pot

C. jewellery

24. What did they say both about the people they studied?

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A. various food

B. xxx

C. not as tall as people told

25. What did they say both about the people they worked with?

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A. from different countries

B. work hard

C. young and enthusiastic

Questions 26 – 30

Which of the following opinions is suitable for each statement below?

Choose FIVE answers from the list, A-F, and write it next to Questions 26-30 on your answer sheet.

List of actions

A Take soil samples

B make a comprehensive plan

C save for future research

D label them

E look for tools

F fill recording sheet

List of excavating:

26. xxx: E

27. xxx: F

28. xxx: B

29: xxx: A

30. xxx: D

PART 4 Questions 31 – 40

Questions 31 – 40

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each question.

A Study of Renewable Energy

31. Aim of talks: to predict problems and needs of population and impact is increasing

Title 1: Water

32. Water will be more costly and less predictable, therefore recycling and rural area collection will be acceptable

33. by 2010, 1 in 7 US and European buildings will have rainwater lacks – so innovation in design and materials expected

Title 2: Electricity

34&35. Costs will increase and lead to growth in use of solar power, e.g. development in Adamite will cut domestic use of electricity by 30%

Title 3: Land

36. shortage especially in large cities. Solution smaller blocks for individual, high-rise buildings, workshops and factories

Title 4: Communication Technology

37&38. distribution of population: 10 million households living in the city

39. to the year 2021, the population will increase by 24%

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