May 2019 to August 2019 cue cards with answers updated

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Dear students, Speaking module is one of the important modules of the IELTS course. It is quite evident that students are not more confident about their speaking IELTS exam and they continuously think that how will they give answers to asked questions in an effective way? But don’t worry. Now we are providing you a list of speaking cue cards from May 2019 to August 2019. This is not a prediction but learners can do practice with these cue cards and boost their confidence. You can read samples of these cue cards and speak them as per your requirement. These are the latest cue cards sample for September 2019 to December 2019 ✅ ☑ please Note this is only guesswork you can still be asked different questions in the exam also readout previous January 2019 to April 2019 and September 2018 to December 2018 cue cards cue cards thanks, predictable IELTS speaking 2018 ,For answers click on the cue card thanks Best of luck for your exam comment your views for make our website batter thanks dear students these cue cards will be updated regularly so you can also subscribe you push notification and facebook page for updations Dear Students / Please share your speaking and writing Topic with us in comments or on leave message on our Facebook page IELTSFEVER which you have faced recently in your IELTS Exam Dear students you can also take part in online mock tests on this website for taking part in mock test click here and read all the instructions before registration Besides it, you can also share your own ideas of cue cards with us by comments. Thanks. Best of luck for your IELTS exam. These cue cards will be updated regularly. So, Subscribe our website to get notifications as well as like and share our facebook page. Note: Rest of predictable cue cards we are updating regular keep visiting our site for regular updates we are updating the cue-cards day to day thanks for your support plz share recent cue cards also in comments which you get in your exam.

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[1] Describe a competition you visit or compete or saw in the past time. [2] Describe a time when you were outside and rain started. [3] Talk about a piece of furniture you have. [4] Talk about a restaurant that provided you bad food service. [5] Describe a comedy actor or actress which you watched on TV. [6] Describe someone in your own family who you really admire. [7] Talk about a person with whom you like to spend your leisure time. [8] Describe a library you visit. [9] Describe your favorite film. [10] Describe one of your favorite photographs. [11] Talk about your most favorite season in your own country. [12] Describe your favorite restaurant. [13] Describe a river or sea you visit. [14] Describe a garden or park you remember. [15] Describe one of your childhood activities. [16] Describe a sporting event you attended. [17] Describe an occasion when you were congratulated. [18] Describe a very important letter you received. [19] Describe something your own which is very important to you. [20] Describe someone you know who is a good cook. [21] Describe your summer holidays or vacations. [22] Describe a teacher from your past who influenced you and you yet remember. [23] Describe one of your neighbors. [24] Talk about a practical skill you have. [25] Describe a life-changing experience. [26] Describe a club you organize or involved in. [27] Describe an irritating person in your neighborhood. [28] Describe something healthy you enjoy doing. [29] Talk about a product you bought but you are not satisfied with it. [30] Describe your first day at work or college. [31] Talk about a funny incident that made you laugh. [32] Describe a national festival in your country. [33] Describe your future plan. [34] Describe a surprise party that you organized for your friend. [35] Describe the environmental pollution in your or another city. [36] Talk about your favorite subject in your academic life. [37] Describe a job or career you have or you hope to have. [38] Talk about a pet that you had or another person had. [39] Describe a service that was not good and you complained about it.

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[40] Describe a TV programme which has made a strong impression on you. [41] Talk about a statue in your city or hometown. [42] Talk about your favorite music band. [43] Talk about a time when someone did not tell you the whole truth and cheat you. [44] A time when you wished to do something but you did not have time. [45] Talk about something you started that is good for your health. [46] Talk about an occasion when visitors visited at your home. [47] Talk about an occasion when the vehicle you were traveling on break down. [48] Talk about a singer (your favorite singer)you enjoy listening to. [49] Describe an advertisement that you remember [50] Describe a situation when you got up extremely early. [51] Talk about a specific prize that you want to win. [52] Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone. [53] Talk about a problem that you solved with help of internet. [54] A person you think has interesting ideas and opinions. [55] Talk about a person who speaks a foreign language very well. [56] Talk about a historical building. [57] Talk about a human being who helps others in his /her leisure time/free time. [58] Talk about a place where you spend your time with your friends. [59] Describe a time when you visited a place with your friends. [60] Talk about someone who encouraged you to achieve goals. [61] Describe an unusual vacation you had. [62] Describe your favorite piece of clothes. [63] Talk about a game show or a quiz programme on television. [64] Describe a time when you heard a strange person talking over the phone. [65] Describe something that you brought home from a tourist place. [66] Talk about a time when you received wrong or incorrect information. [67] Describe a person who is beautiful or handsome. [68] Talk about an intelligent person you know. [69] Describe an interesting old person you met. [70] Describe one of your grandparent’s job. [71] Talk about a type of food that people eat at special events. [72] Talk about a subject that you didn’t like when you were a child but now you found interesting. [73] Describe a time when you taught or showed a young person how to do a thing. [74] Talk about a person you would like to study or work with. [75] Talk about a new public facility that improves the local life quality in your hometown. [76] Talk about a friend or person who recently got success. [77] Talk about a historical period you want to know more about. [78] Describe a person you wanted to be similar when you were growing. [79] Describe your dream house or the perfect home. [80] Talk about a thing that you do well (regularly) for your work or study. [81] Describe a good law of your country. [82] Talk about an important decision that you made with someone’s help. [83] Talk about a thing you complained about something and got a good result. [84] Talk about an outdoor sport that you have not done yet but you would like to do in the future. [85] Describe a time when you had to change your plan or change your mind. [86] Describe a time when you found something that someone lost. [87] Describe a water sport that you have not tried yet and would like to try in the future. [88] Talk about a time when you enjoyed something in your free time.

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We will update the answers of these cue cards soon and more cue cards add soon.

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May 2019 to August 2019 cue cards with answers talk about your favorite

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